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Get up and fight again: Learn From A Boxer

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you

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Boxer in the ring teaches us a valuable lesson. When one boxer is knocked out bleeding and exhausted, he Gets up and fights again before is knocked out bleeding and exhausted, he gets up before the referee count up to 10 and restarts his fight. The profound lesson the boxer offers here is: Get up and fight again.

George Bernard Shaw remarked, He who flees from the battlefield lives to fight another day”. So, it is the problem of life. it might be brave to hold on but it is far more sensible to make a tactical retreat and again equip oneself to Get up and fight again another day.

Take the big trees on high mountains. When furious winds pass by, they stand erect again. Some nourish their failure and grief till a time came when they could not live with their dark emotion or poison of strong passion. Such people are the washouts of society passion.

They may applaud themselves for embracing their failures and grief but had they let go and yoked again, they have found meaning in life. From sadness to smiles is a short distance.

A fundamental law of nature is change, most young men and women fail to understand its application in everyday life. If they ponder over, they will find it working on failure and success.

Get up and fight again

Young men and women in relation to their career, social, domestic and personal problems have chosen to embrace the negative.

They show no guts to step out of the shadows. Not finding solutions to their problem, they delude themselves with the highly misleading nation that it is brave to be bold. It is far more sensible to switch gears.

Very little they realize that inspiring is the image of the person fighting against adversity and against destiny throwing a challenge to the mighty Gods.

It takes more courage to admit defeat temporarily, submit to the inevitable, regathers, scattered strands of life and ties them into a durable rope.

O we must realize that as long as we have life, even if the going is stiff at time and forces of fate are working against us, there is always a chance.

But if we stubbornly exhaust our energy in wild goose chases, huge illusions, and lay waste our powers; we lose the strength to live. There are times when it takes more courage and it is more advantageous to let go Get up and fight again.

In such circumstances, it is sheer stupidity to hold on blindly. It may be better to make a new go.  Doing so, your thinking becomes clearer and you embark up on a fresh life with a new confidence.