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Facts on Dental Fillings

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Be careful, even your tooth has fillings!

In this world where everything depends on the feelings, your tooth to has one. Okay, not everyone has it but let’s agree that most of us do.

But do you know what are dental fillings and how do you know that you need one?

Dental fillings are a way to restore your tooth back to its normal shape and function which was damaged due to decay, fracture, wear down of teeth etc.

Your mouth shows telltale signs that prove that you need a dental filling. Such signs and symptoms include:

  • Dark spots on teeth, which are also a sign of cavity formation
  • Food getting stuck between your teeth. This triggers the pain.
  • Chipped or broken tooth. This will expose the lower layer of the tooth causing pain and sensitivity
  • A hole in your teeth which can be felt
  • Floss that tears off in certain spots or areas
  • Lost filling

Though these are the clear signs that you might need tooth cavity filling only a visit to your dentist will give confirmation. Once your dentist undergoes a thorough examination only then can the exact issue and the cause behind it can be answered.

The process is not a long and tiring one and usually, end up in just one visit. Your dentist will first clean the area and then remove the cavity if any. A hollow space will then be created which will be covered by dental filling. All these steps take not more than an hour after the final decision of getting a dental filling has been taken.

But you will be amazed to know that dental fillings carry a lot of facts which are interesting and carries a lot of information about the same.

A few dental facts are as follows:

Aesthetically attractive – Gone are the days when dental fillings were available only in gold or silver. Having them on made your tooth to shine and smiling made it visible to the entire world around. Today you have a lot of options when it comes to dental fillings. Apart from gold and silver, we have metal free composite resin which matches your tooth color and merge perfectly with your tooth color. Porcelain made ceramic fillings are also an option available today. These to blend with the natural teeth making it look aesthetically good and gives you back your perfect smile.

Require single visit – Getting dental fillings is not at all long affair. One can get it done in just an hour. If you have been diagnosed by your dentist and the solution for sure is dental fillings, then it can be completed in a single visit. Your dentist after asking about the option that suits you will start the process. He/she will first clean the area and then will remove the infection from your tooth. Removing infection will hollow your tooth and your dentist will then fill the space with the desired dental filling. As simple as it sounds, this takes not more than an hour to complete the job.

Prevents infection to spread – A filling is required if you have infected a tooth. This will prevent the infection from spreading to the root of the tooth and also to the adjoining tooth. Once the infection starts spreading, it becomes difficult for us to stop the same. If it spreads to the root, then one might need to undergo root canal treatment. Rct treatment cost is obviously higher than a mere filling and this also proves that your tooth is now damaged severely. In certain cases, this infection can be so severe that the only extraction is the last resort for the same.

Dental Fillings can Fall off – Though nowadays we have permanent tooth filling, yet under some circumstances, your dental fillings can come off. Over a period of time, the bond between your filling and enamel can weaken which can result is coming out of the filling. Apart from this, having poor oral hygiene, vigorous brushing or accident can make it fall off. If such is a case do not panic, instead visit a dentist immediately. Do not try to fix the filling yourself, this will not solve the purpose. Only your dentist can help you have it back in its place.

Dental fillings with wider choices are the best solution if you face any of the above-mentioned problems. Visit the dental clinic near you and look for the best option available.