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Entrepreneurship as a Survival Instinct

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Sometimes, we make the mistake of associating entrepreneurship with the typical image of the executive with a tie that carries out a great idea, a project that he planned and studied carefully for months, and that little by little will take shape until it becomes a leading company of the national market.

And it may be true that sometimes entrepreneurship is generated in that way.

However, this time we are going to talk about another path through which entrepreneurship can emerge: The need to survive.

It may sound quite crude, but if we consider it from a certain point of view, entrepreneurship can arise almost instantaneously in situations of pressure, such as, for example, losing our source of employment or needing extra income for the family budget.

While it is not a classic path to success when undertaking if it can lead us to discover, in the action of managing business ideas, the pleasure to promote a project of their own.

How can we take advantage of an apparently unfavorable situation to turn it into the springboard we need to make our projects come up? To succeed in this situation, among other things, we must lose the fear to undertake, we must acquire a working and proactive attitude, we must assume certain risks, and we must adapt our expectations to business opportunities that we appreciate in the environment in which we usually live and we develop.

How to make Business Decisions?

In 2010 Steve Jobs used the “gut” to predict that the iPad would replace the PCs someday, even seeing data that demonstrated the opposite.

By 2014, according to Gartner studies, more than 70 million units had been sold. It was the first time that more iPads than PCs were sold!

On the other hand, in 1998 the CEO of Motorola, Gregory Brown, continued his “gut”, ignoring all the data that predicted the predominance of smartphones, and invested heavily in mobile satellite technology, which is now obsolete. That decision caused the company to lose more than $ 8 billion dollars.

Also, Cameron Chell Calgary put his own strategies to be successful.

Maybe you do not run with the same luck as Jobs. The reality is that deciding based on pure hunches is equivalent to walking blind. That’s what data exists for!

Just as you must be willing to make a “gut” decision, you also have to be willing to change it if it does not work.

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, always believed more in his instinct than in huge bags of statistics and data. When he was wrong, he assumed his mistake and changed the course quickly.

And the smell develops like this. We already know that the famous “gut” is very useful for making business decisions and Cameron Chell business instincts play important role in it.

Be curious:

Remember the famous speech that Steve Jobs dedicated to graduates of Stanford University where he said: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”? A job was referring to having an insatiable, curious, adventurous spirit. Be curious all the time.