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Different Types Of Glass Skylights You Can Opt For

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Skylights are special openings in the roof covered by a transparent material like glass. It allows the natural light to come in the house during the day. There are a vast number of skylight designs available in the market. Skylights come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can opt for the one that suits your needs. No matter where you choose to install these skylights. These will help you brighten up your rooms without consuming electricity. During the winter months, skylights allow in heat and help you keep warm. There are skylights that can be opened up in order to ventilate the house.

So, now that you are interested in knowing more about skylights, let’s understand the different types of glass skylights that are available so that you can opt for the right one for your house.

Types of skylights available –

There are a vast number of skylights available depending on the materials they are made up of and the type of use. Some of the different types of skylights England are listed below –

* Fixed skylight – these are one of the most popular types of skylights available. These skylights don’t open up for ventilating the house, these are sealed permanently. These skylights can be used in those areas where there is less light for example staircase and attic. Most parts of these skylights are made using glass, whereas the frames are made using aluminum, steel or timber.

* Tubular skylight – These type of skylights are available for small roofs. It is basically a small tube of around 10 to 15 inches in diameter which comes with a spherical dome on top. The dome is known to collect the light and transfer it to the tube. The tube has a silver finish just like mirrors which allows it to transfer the collected light into the room evenly.

* Pyramid skylight – The shape of the skylight is that of a pyramid, hence the name pyramid skylight. Depending on the requirements these skylights can be made of any size, these are usually used in the entryway, lobbies and other large spaces. These skylights can be as big as 20 feet wide and the length depends upon the requirement. The seal that encloses the purlins and the glass is made with precision as these are prone to leakage.

* Ventilated skylight – These skylights are used to ventilate the air while illuminating the house. These are multi-purpose and can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, where these can be used to keep the air fresh in the room. It helps in removing excess moisture while keeping a constant flow of air in the building. These can be closed, manually or by the use of remote control. The can also be closed automatically when it starts to rain. Purchase the one that suits your needs.

* Custom skylight – When the roof doesn’t allow any common type of skylights, the custom skylights are installed. These skylights can be of any shape or size depending on the requirements. The materials used in these skylights are hurricane resistant glass, rain sensors, and temperature control units.

* Barrel vault skylight – These type of skylights are mostly used in buildings that are non-residential. In this case, the area of the skylight is more, almost 80% of the roof area is supposed to be covered with this skylight, hence these are not suitable for residential buildings. These are used in mall arcades, parking shelters, canopies, medical institutions, educational institutions, industrial complex and other passageways.

* Dome acrylic skylight – These are made using flexible, strong plastics. These are in the shape of a dome that helps in collecting and spreading the sunlight more effectively. Even if there is less sunlight, these skylights still make the room look bright. These can be used to offer spotlight to features that are attractive life sculptures, planters, aquarium, paintings, pools, murals, etc.

So, if you are looking forward to installing glass skylights England at your building, then now that you know about the various types of skylights available in the market, you will be able to make the right decision in choosing the right skylight for your building.