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Differences Between Free Standing Carport and Garage

Free Standing Carport

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Parking is the most important factor and is pretty significant when it comes to the safety and security of vehicles. Garages and carports are two major forms of car parking units whose basic purpose is to protect the vehicles from the external elements. Well, we often confuse with the above-mentioned words and are hardly able to analyze which is better for us. Although both fulfill the purpose of protecting it from weather elements there are certain factors that make them completely different.

We often feel confused about what to prefer, free standing carport or a garage for vehicle parking. Though they have notable similarities they also possess various differences and accordingly the choice of the people differs. However, we find it difficult to choose between the two. Unless and until you are well aware of their basic differences it would be hard to find which is better for you, the carport or the garage.

Notable Differences Between the Garage and Free Standing Carport

1. Garage 

Basically, the garage is like a closed small room that is a  part of the house and is built from bricks and mortar. It is usually built in the front side of the house in order to ensure easy access and keeping in mind that they can easily take it out as and when needed.

2. Carports 

The free standing carport is actually the semi-covered material that is designed in such a manner that it provides limited safety to your vehicle. Various materials like metals, wood and many more can be used to make it.

free standing carport

Basic Differences Between the Two:

1. Structure: A garage is fully covered from all the sides. It has three walls and has a shade or brick component on the ceilings. One wall is usually opened with doors attached to it through which vehicles enter and leave the garage. A free-standing carport, on the other hand, is open from almost all the sides. It just comprises a shade to avoid direct sun, rain, and wind to strike your vehicle.

2. Cost of installing: Building a garage is quite an expensive option and it should only have opted when you have enough money to spend on. Quality oriented materials like bricks, mortar, cement are involved and for building it extra labor cost is incurred. On the other hand, installing a free standing carport is not the only budget friendly but it hardly requires any manual work. Readymade carports are available that you can just buy and install it yourself.

3. Safety: From the safety or the security point of view, garages are considered far superior and of better quality than the carports. As it is fully covered from all the sides, there are almost zero chances of theft and robbery. Carports being opened from all the sides might give a good reason for the thieves to steal some parts in your absence.

4. Functionality: When functions are considered, the free standing carport is an open structure that provides maximum ventilation to the vehicles which the garage might not provide.

Well, these were the basic differences between the carport and the garage which one should know. It is equally important to know which option is far better for you. Firstly, you need to analyze the area of your house and budget. If you are looking for the durable and economical option, carports should be preferred. However, is safety is an important concern, then you should obviously prefer a garage. You can easily go out while leaving your vehicles parked in the garage while locking the door. Know your priorities and then invest in the right option.