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Diabetic Friendly Cake: 7 Baking Hacks That Are Diabetes Friendly

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While having the right medicine for diabetes is great, the diet is much more important for the health of diabetics. However, most diabetes diets involve completely removing sugar. For the lack of a better term, this is considered by many to be a sad diet.

But as many health buffs believe, a diet should enhance your life and not hinder it. Luckily, there are ways for diabetics to enjoy such a sweet-free diet. It’s all thanks to these baking hacks:

Avocado Over Butter

Although it may change the taste slightly, using avocado over butter when baking is a good alternative. It gives your baked goods a creamy texture while providing ample amounts fiber and healthy fats.

Applesauce over Half the Butter and Sugar

Switch out half of the butter and sugar requirements of any recipe with applesauce. This will make sure that the baked good will still turn out as sweet as it was originally intended to be. At the same time, a big amount of fat, carbs, and calories will be reduced. The recipe will also turn out to be thicker.

Use Artificial Sweeteners

Diabetic Friendly Cake

There are many artificial sweeteners nowadays that work great as sugar substitutes. Not only that, but these also add little to no calories to any recipe. The catch is that these don’t have the same properties as sugar. Thus, you can’t just make a direct switch and expect a recipe to turn out the same. You will need to go to the website of the sweetener to find out certain recipes, measurements, and baking times that you need to follow when using it.

Also, baking with sweeteners might make your baked goods smaller, since there is no sugar to contribute to the bulk. There may also be an after taste in some sweeteners.

Use Less White Flour

Although almond flour and hazelnut flour may have more fat, these do not affect the blood sugar as much as white flour does. However, the effect on the taste may be hard to transition to right away. Instead, you can use half the required white flour and replace it with whole-wheat flour. Over time, lessen the white and increase the whole-wheat until you can complete do without any white flour.

These alternatives also add a good amount of fiber in your body.

Cacao Nibs Over Chocolate

For diabetics, cacao nibs are better to use than milk chocolate when baking because of the lack of sugar. But another good alternative is to use dark chocolate, which has 70% less cocoa

Add Veggies

Diabetic Friendly Cake

Adding veggies to many baked goods actually won’t change the taste much. Not only will adding a whole or half cup of shredded or chopped veggies make one more nutritious, but it will also add a good texture to it.

Give an Open-Faced Pie a Try

Simply avoid making the top crust on a pie and you will cut away so many carbs, sugar, and butter. But if you really want the crust, then you can make one with ground nuts instead of flour.

Key Takeaway

Who said a diabetic’s diet needs to suck? As clearly seen above, there are ways to enjoy the baked goods that everybody loves while keeping the blood sugar at a good level.