All Videos of Dhinchak Pooja Have Been Deleted From Youtube: RIP

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All Videos of Dhinchak Pooja Have Been Deleted From Youtube, Yes all of them. (Now Dilon Ka Shooter (On public demand) is live 😉
A legend Named Dhinchak Pooja is now Wiped out from Youtube, by deleting all videos from Dhinchak Pooja’s channel.

Just Search for Dhinchak pooja in Youtube and profile is still there, but-but-but – Only One Video Is There.

dhinchak pooja song ban


I am crying hard with tears of joy. Only one video is showing right now is Dilon Ka Shooter, and scooter is puncher now.

dilo ka scooter song youtube
if you are still having direct link of her videos (if you are a die heart fan like me :p ).

youtube will show you the error of this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Kathappa Singh.

From last year we are asking question like why katappa killed Bahubali now you can ask why Kathappa Killed Dhinchak Pooja.

who’s this good Samaritan Kathappa Singh who has taken one for the team (the whole country).

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Here is the youtube’s ‘Protecting your Privacy’ section:

youtube Policy section dhinchak pooja


If you still want pooja’s songs it available on iTunes :p .



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