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Details on OTP SMS Gateway Services

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With the technology evolution, the need to secure customer identities is also evolving. These days’ customers are expecting a secure experience from organizations. The increasing utilizations of mobile phones have enhanced the risk of data being hacked.

The overall account hacking losses has increased in the past few years. OTP SMS gateway services is a technology invented to deal with counter phasing and other authentication related security risk in the web world today. In fact SMS based OTPs (one time password) are there as the second factor in two ways authentication solutions. It generally requires the users to submit a unique OTP after entering credentials to get them verified on the website. This OTP SMS is apt for the customers of the banks, general websites and e-commerce portals.

But unfortunately SMS based OTP is no longer secure these days. The two reasons behind this are:-

  • First and foremost the major security of the SMS based OTP relies on the privacy of the message. But this message relies on security of the mobile networks and lately many of the GSM and 3G networks have said that the privacy of these messages cannot be essentially provided.
  • Secondly hackers are trying their best to intrude into the customers data and therefore have made many specialized mobile phone Trojans to get the customers data.

The major risks associated with message based OTP are:-

The key goal of the hackers are to acquire the OTP and to make the information possible, many of the options are developed like cell phone Trojans, SIM swap attacks, wireless interception. Let’s know them in details.

  1. Wireless interception- there are many reasons that make GSM technology less secure like lack of robust, mutual authentications, encryption algorithms etc. It is also found out that the communication between cell phones or base stations can be eavesdropped and with the help of some protocol weaknesses, there can be decryption as well.
  2. Free Wi-Fi in public spaces and hotspots- these days it is no longer difficult for hackers to use an unsecured Wi-Fi network to distribute malware. Installing infected software on the mobile phone is no longer a tough task, if the user is allowing file sharing across the network. Some of the criminals have also got the facility of hacking the connection points. Thus they present a pop up notification during the connection process which requests them to upgrade some apps.
  3. SMS duplication- the transferring of SMS from an institute to customer occurs in plain text format. The SMS passes through several intermediaries like SMS aggregator, mobile phone vendor, application management vendor and many more and any one of the media can be a hacker.

With the instant OTP SMS by mail, delivery methods the gateway provided by many providers is of high priority and fully secured at affordable prices. Many providers understand the importance of safety and security of issuing OTP’s to their customers and therefore works towards the safeguarding of the information with round the clock delivery options.