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Professional Electrical Contractors

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Defining Profession and Characteristics of Professional Electrical Contractors

Electricians and electrical contractors may have the same profession, but are fundamentally different in the services that they provide. Electrician is simply an individual ideal for performing low magnitude of electrical jobs, basically of the front and small installations. On the other hand, the electrical contractor provides multitude of services. They are the business person in the form of the firm, carrying a large group of professional employees, which are indulged in rendering specialized construction work of large magnitudes, such as designing, maintaining and installation of big complexes, apartments, factories etc. In other words, the electrical contractor is an entire company that uses to render their business services to huge projects through electricians. The electricians are tradesman for small projects such as residential electrical issues.

Defining Profession and Characteristics of Professional Electrical Contractors
Defining Profession and Characteristics of Professional Electrical Contractors

Classification or Types of Electrical Contractors 

  • Outside/line contractors: These types of contractors establish and maintain high voltage distribution lines and power transmissions. The line contractors are entrusted with the construction and maintenance work of infrastructure which is required to transfer the electricity, from its source power plant to substations.
  • Inside Contractors: These electrical contractors are responsible for maintaining and supplying electricity to the boundary line of any particular property. This also includes outdoor lightings and substation support.
  • Integrated Building System (IBS)/Voice-Data-Video (VDV) Contractors: These contractors work with low installations of low-voltage, such as climate control, power backup, energy efficient lighting, wireless networks, fiber optics, security systems and telecommunications. These are the most skilled sort of contractors proficient in integrating all these systems so that it can work together with maximum efficiency.

Qualities of Professional Electrical Contractors 

As the professional contractors use to deal with the high magnitude of electrical work, it becomes necessary to have particular sort of specialization. A group of such skilled persons specialized in various fields of electrical and electronics, working with any firm or company, makes that body of the organization an ideal contractor in the electrical niche.

Though it would be very painstaking and lengthy to mention the entire qualifying criterion, but some of the prominent traits can be enumerated as below, to identify and hire proficient electrical contractors. These characteristics can be mentioned as:

Good Reputation 

The past records and projects, along with feedbacks of the erstwhile clients would depict the dedication of the contractors towards their projects. The reputation of the contractors also represents their sense of morality regarding delivering the work on time, especially for business entities, as the entire function of any business completely relies on electrical support. Delivering project on time and with the finest class of work, completion should be something, which could be checked for while considering any of such electrical contractor services. 

Defining Profession and Characteristics of Professional Electrical Contractors
Defining Profession and Characteristics of Professional Electrical Contractors

Expert Team 

Any proficient contractors need to have support of a team of expertise for different jobs. Every sort of electrical project is somehow, different from each other and requires a well trained and experienced approach to deal with it. A team of different experts for each specialized job is required to available with such contractors so that they can meet the various challenges of the electrical sector. 

Fair Pricing and Honest 

Every professional firm gives advance quotation in a way to apply for and prior to any project. All these quotations are required to be of very fair in nature and do not possess any of the unnecessary cost estimation in the given estimate. They should also be honest in terms of quoting prices for every part of work, associated with the project. In case any of the false quotation is found, it can be considered as a warning sign, required to taken seriously.