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Crucial Must Have Elements for your Homepage

Crucial Homepage

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Crucial Must Have Elements for your Homepage

The first impression lasts forever! Yes, this is true. No wonder most of us are taught to prepare ourselves well for the first meeting.

Your website homepage is no exception. Each time a new visitor lands on it, your business goes through the first crucial meeting.

Expect people to critically assess the page elements, details etc.

This is how they will establish an opinion for you and your business.

Is your homepage good enough to make the dead-on first impression? If no, here are 9 key elements to be added to a homepage to ensure that it makes a lasting impression:

Crucial Must Have Elements for your Homepage

  1. Links to Social Media


Social media is the buzz word today. If you are serious about people following you and engaging with your organization, get them on your social media pages.

Let your existing clients and prospects know you are on social media as soon as they visit the homepage.

Include social media buttons on the home page. These should be easily accessible and visible to your visitors.

  1. Intuitive Navigation

It is important to have an intuitive navigation. This means your customers should find it easy to understand and use.

The visitors should not feel confused or out of place on your website.

  1. Contact Info


Place your contact information on the home page at a convenient position.

Your visitors should be able to reach you the moment they need to place an order or solve a query they have in mind.

  1. Blog Highlights

The present age is all about blogging. It is the central point of your content strategy. Blog highlights on home page help visitors view and subscribe to it.

The blog content displays your proficiency and value. You can add a subscription box combined with a lead magnet or integrate a live feed of recent publications.

  1. Client Testimonials


Consumers trust online testimonials and reviews. Hence, these are the first things they read before making a decision on a purchase.

It is crucial that your organization displays positive reviews from past and present clients.

Testimonials allow your potential clients know that you had been successful in satisfying buyers. It is better than boasting about your own accomplishments.

  1. Best Images

Try using real pictures of your office and team on the homepage. This will help your prospects relate to you and establish trust with the company.

They know what to expect when collaborating with you.

Make sure these images are of high-quality and professionally clicked.

  1. A Synopsis of Services/Features

You may add some videos, images, and pages to supply a brief summary of what your company does. However, when it comes to quality content, reputed website design & development company and experts recommend that you focus on including these features, services or products on your homepage too.

The information presented on the home page will allow your prospects get an idea of what you do.

This is also crucial for ranking your page higher for those products/services on search engines.

  1. If You Have It, Flaunt It!

Did your company receive any certifications, reputed collaborations, recognitions or awards lately? Display these on your website! Industry recognition in the form of certifications and awards is pivotal in building credibility.

They speak volumes about the quality of work and present you as an industry expert. Do not forget to display testimonials and reviews from clients.

  1. Crystal Clear Call-to-Action

Once a visitor reaches your home page, it should be very clear what action you wish him/her to take.

So have a detailed discussion with your team for deciding on some actions people need to take after landing on your website. Helping a visitor on your website will help your business.