Use of Technology can be a big trouble for your child in long term. With every passing year. Increase in number of toddlers suffering from Myopia or near-sightedness has been a huge concern not just for Parents but for Medical practitioners as well.

But Technology has been a huge help in today’s society, especially in case of Double income family groups or groups where both Husband and wife are working in offices.

tech gifts

In such a scenario, whom can we rely upon?

Will leave it for you to think while we move on to discuss latest new tech gifts which can help your child.


Tired of telling your kids to brush their teeth twice everyday while they spend their time playing Temple Run in their smartphones?

Well nothing to worry as we present to you the world’s first ever Intelligent gaming Toothbrush codenamed ‘Grush’. Launched by a US based firm, the toothbrush’s in-built chip gives its user an idea on how to hold the brush. Also the brush is uniquely connected to a special app found only on Apple App Store and Google Play Store where kids can play unique games while brushing and get rewarded. You can also make use of 3d printing pens for kids. Back again, Basically, this toothbrush is a Wii mote meeting Pepsodent kind of an experience where the toothbrush sort of acts like a motion sensor thereby also teaching kids how to brush their teeth. Its not that kids can play Temple Run. No the games are specially customized toothbrush games playing which kids learn how to Brush their teeth the right way. Its not yet available in India but can be bought through Amazon.


In the past few years, there has been frequent counts of death of toddlers when Parents accidentally leave them in car. Sounds quite weird but only a Parent will be able to understand such a scenario seriously. In light of such events, Intel has come up with a special clip with an inbuilt sensor and memory chip called by the name above. This clip through a special app can tell the Baby’s temperateure, its health and other such issues. It also tells when the clip is attached and when its not. Also it alerts the smartphone user that her/his child is left in the car. A perfect gift for the parent as well as the Child. Technology making life simple. Because the best gift that you can give a young couple is security for their kids.


They say that Audio monitors are good enough but with today’s babies getting smarter than ever, well, you really can’t guarantee. Which is why we have Motorola MBP26 Video Baby monitor equipped with an app which can help you keep an eye on your toddler even when no one is around. Safety for your kids is the need of the hour. The product is available in India through Amazon India.


Worried about losing your child in highly chaotic places like Kumbh Mela or maybe at Temples? There are special watches like LG GizmoPal 2 at 79.99$ which can help track your kid’s location in case God forbid he/she is lost.


From Child safety we now move to Child Skill development. First up is LEGO Mindstorms, a unique play set provided by LEGO Inc. for age group 10+. Kids can combine pieces of various sets to form a friend of their choice (Dinosaur, Dog, Robot) and also program the Robot to follow their commands. Such toys can not only help kids devote time from television but it also welcomes them to the world of programming as well as opens up their creativity skills. If age is a problem, there are special versions of the above available named ANKI Drive, Spherobot etc. You just need to Google or go to Amazon India to know more. You can get your kids used to these and then maybe a LEGO Mindstorms in their hands.


It’s a cute, young robot developed by Anki Inc. another US based Company. No need to assemble parts but you only need an iOS or Android anabled device which can control the robot. Once done, develop your commands and watch the robot swirl into action and become your child’s best friend. Cozmo has a pretty good AI so it’s a very difficult competitor and can be a very good friend to learn from for your kids. It’s 100% safe for kids and is available on Amazon albeit at a slightly higher price due to its being imported as of now.


Want your kid to be an Engineer? Then this is the best way to show him the beauty of Engineering. Raspberry PI3 starter kit available at Amazon is a kit complete with a 32 GB microSD card, a Raspberry PI motherboard and several other components required to make a complete CPU. A little expensive but it will save you from Future hassle of teaching your kid about Engineering and its amazing uniqueness. If your kid is a techy or mechanical or inventive mindset with regular tendency of breaking things and figuring out how they are made, then this kit is quite good for them.


Want to travel the world but facing problem in putting your kid to sleep. Well JETKIDS Norway has come up with a unique Suitcase design Bed for Kids called BEDBOX which can be placed on your side seat and place your kid so that he/she can go to sleep. It can be used in Airplanes and even in Trains and has inbuilt mattress soft enough for the child to get good rest. Yet to come in market but the Company has been receiving bookings

So these are the various Cool tech gifts for Children. Let me know if I missed out on any unique gift suitable enough for gifting Children.

Mack Graham

Mack Graham is a avid reader of new technology. He has a keen interest in advanced tech stuff. He is a die hard fan of Alon Musk. In the free time, you can find him chilling out with friends. Currently He is working as an outreach expert for various companies.

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