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Content Marketing: Uses of Content marketing (Generating Utility)

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Today, marketing alone does not make sense. SEO to dry stick is insufficient. The link building, which is tremendously cumbersome, if useful, is not worth as a unique strategy. And doing everything at once can be crazy if you do not have a good strategy thought in advance. And this is due to the fact that the web is increasingly specialized, that Social Networks have weight, that algorithm and users want relevance and usefulness. Being useful to your readers, customers and social networks is more and more important.

How is content helpful in SEO?

A good SEO that positions you and works against a web page that is not well integrated and has excessive crawling and unhelpful information will see how it’s positioning collapses. But that’s not the important thing: the important thing is that you’ll lose potential customers. The digital world is increasingly complex, that can be easily seen. Neither SEO works as before. You cannot write a text of 700 words and repeat like a parrot “SEO positioning in Malaga”, “SEO positioning in Granada” without looking like a bot that does not care who reads the blog while Googlebot does it. That’s like writing love letters to Terminator.

And that’s where the horizon of content marketing is configured. But to call it content marketing is too cold, it’s too much I’m going to create a sharp post like a blade to reach my readers/users to position myself and buy me. And it is not that we prefer to call it “useful content creation” by connect pal. Although we will continue to call it content marketing because otherwise, we will not understand each other well. And that content has that purpose: be useful, be of benefit to the reader. Teach, propose, discuss, and show where the trends are going, such as this one.

Because a user already values not only that you sell a product but that you also know about it, clarify doubts, propose and design about it always in a pleasant and pleasant way, fun if it can be, but with that personal background that you need to that you notice not only that you know about the subject but that besides selling the product/service you add value.

The content, in short, is that, is to add value to what you say to what you sell and offer, distinguishing yourself from the competition, giving your touch and being useful. And it is that utility that makes you unique.

The purpose of content marketing

The purchase process is a four-step cycle: awareness, research, consideration, and purchase at connect pal. Advertising and traditional marketing are excellent when it comes to the last two steps, but then people do not create any brand loyalty. However, content marketing takes advantage of the first two stages of the purchase process to raise awareness and educate consumers about a product they have never considered before. In addition, it provides additional content for social networks and contributes to SEO efforts by generating natural links and having good information on your website.

Therefore, content marketing aims to provide users with the best content with the best possible content and provides them with the information they need. But do not forget that only create content is not enough to make a content marketing strategy but must be quality content and directed towards a target audience. These actions are complex and not easy to carry them out.