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The Complete Guide on a Hopper Ball

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A hopper ball is known by many names, like the space hopper, kangaroo ball, Skippy ball, hippity hop, sit and bounce, hop ball, moon hopper, hoppity hop. The ball is made of rubber and allows individuals to sit on it without falling off. An individual can sit on one of these balls and jump around sitting on the toy with the help of the ball’s elastic properties.

Complete Guide on a Hopper Ball
Hopper Ball

The namespace hopper is common in the United Kingdom. This toy is not familiar in the United States and is usually called sit n bounce, hoppity hop, or hippity hop. One of the toys that were similar to this ball was the pogo ball, which consisted of a hard ring made of plastic that encircled the ball. This toy was famous in the United States during the 80s.

A typical hopper ball can measure close to 24 to 28 inches in diameter. The ball usually contains two handles made of rubber projecting from the top of the ball. A valve that is located right at the top of the ball allows users to deflate and inflate the ball with the help of a car-tire pump or a bicycle pump.

Usually, children and sometimes adults can sit right on top of the ball and bounce up and down (vertically) till the ball can bounce off the ground.

To make the ball bounce in a particular direction, the user can lean in that particular direction. Practically, moving with the help of this ball is one of the poorest examples when it comes to locomotion. However, this ball is simple to use, cost-effective and makes any type of individual cheerful.

Application of Hopper ball In Fitness 

Individuals to build their fitness levels can use a hopper ball in an innovative manner. Some of the innovative ways in which the balls can be used are keeping the ball above the head while doing the squats.

First, the individuals can go about doing high-intensity exercises in short bursts. This helps in getting rid of unwanted fat. The hopper ball can be used in the same way that a Swiss ball can be used for a better toning experience.

The toning experience is further enhanced by using the hopper ball while doing squats. Overall, this helps a great deal in getting shapely legs and toned muscles in the arms. Before moving onto the next stage of fitness with this type of ball, the challenge is to sustain this. The people who struggle with Swiss balls might need some time to practice with both Swiss balls and hopper balls.

The next level is starting with races and relays on a hopper ball. This improves the core muscles of the human body. Somewhere in between the squats, work on the arms, and press-up some effective bouncing sessions can be included to improve the spirits and heart rates. Overall, this level improves the overall metabolic activity of the body.

During the last 15 minutes of the workout, the individuals can play with each other using the hopper balls. This might sound like child’s play but it gives the body a complete workout.

Complete Guide on a Hopper Ball
Hopper Ball

Working out with a hopper ball is the best experience for someone who wants to have a chiseled body without putting many hours in the gym. Of course, the individual has to control his diet but using these balls make the entire exercise fun for everyone. One more advantage of using this ball as a gym equipment is because of easy maintenance. All the user has to do is just wipe the sweat off the ball using a dry cloth and store it in a dry place.