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How College Student Can Make Money in Freelance Writing

How College Student Can Make Money in Freelance Writing

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 How College Student Can Make Money in Freelance Writing

It’s almost impossible to become a famous writer at a young age, with Thomas Pynchon, Truman Capote and David Foster Wallace being the most notable exceptions.

Becoming a bestselling author is even more difficult, especially nowadays, with all our technological gadgets and distractions.

J.K Rowling enjoyed writing fantasy stories as a child, but for a long time, her only reader was her sister.

She went through a number of tribulations before her manuscript “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone“ finally got published after at least 12 rejections.

The writer’s road is a rocky one. However, students that enjoy writing still have a number of opportunities to launch their writing career and earn extra money.

Freelance writing is extremely popular nowadays because it offers flexibility (making it suitable for those still in college), can be done on the side but still pays well and it is a great way to hone one’s writing skills.

That’s why we have written an overview of the most popular ways of launching a freelance writing career:

1). WritersDepartment

WritersDepartment is always on the lookout for talented college students seeking writing opportunities.

This custom writing company offers some extra cash (which can be quite a lot depending on student’s availability and the quality of writing) to those who have formidable research and writing skills.

The best of all is that it’s very flexible: students work on their schedule and get to choose the assignment they want to complete based on their preferences.

While a lot of custom writing services make students work for peanuts, WritersDepartment is different- its writers can earn up to 15 dollars per a double-spaced page. Obviously, WritersDepartment is a jackpot for those trying to get their foot in the door and launch their writing career.

2) Blogs That Pay

Blogs are no longer their writers’ personal diaries on the Internet- they have turned into a serious business. Everyone who has a blog wants it to become popular with readers and drive a lot of traffic.

That’s why a lot of them are willing to pay to those who contribute to their blog.

FundsforWriters pay $50 for accepted 500-600 words articles about the success stories from the world of freelance writing and offering advice on how to earn money through writing.

Writers Weekly pay $60 for 600 words articles on how to make more money as a freelancer.

Back to College is aimed at older students and they pay more than $ 55 dollars for articles containing advice on finding the right program and excelling academically,  stories about successful transition etc

The Penny Hoarder is ready to pay up to $800 to freelance writers offering unique advice on how to earn and save money.


3). Job Boards

Online writing jobs are abundant, but finding them is often tricky.

This is where job boards come into play- they make the process of finding freelance writing gigs a lot easier.

Problogger is known for offering a huge number of well-paid gigs in a lot of different niches.

4). Own Clients

Many freelance writers begin by joining one of the freelance platforms ( because they lack experience and need someone else to connect them with their prospective clients), but those with more experience look for their own clients by pitching blogs and websites.

This path is the most suitable for those who have already built a reputation and have a competitive advantage in a certain niche, as well as those who have their own website and writing samples to offer.


5). Magazine Writing

Magazine writing is the pinnacle of one’s freelance writing career.

They can pay up to $2 dollars per word, but that pay has to be matched by the top-quality writing and getting one’s article accepted for publication is a feat, so this type of writing does not provide a steady flow of money.

Those thinking about breaking into this niche could consider getting their hands on some of the guides containing different publications that pay writers for their articles or do some research themselves. For example, Cosmopolitan magazine is ready to pay $100 dollars for up to 800 words essays.


While becoming a bestselling author is impossible for most people, everyone who enjoys writing and knows how to write can become a freelance writer.

It’s flexible, pays well and offers some great writing practice.

On top of that, these writing opportunities are abundant if a writer knows where to search for them.

With a number of freelance platforms, blogs, magazines and websites, everyone has a chance to become a writer.

Some manage it to make their main source of income, others “graduate“ from freelancing and become best-selling authors, there are those who fail and realize that writing is not their destiny.

What is common for all of them is that they tried their luck and reaped benefits from their writing talent.