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Clothes That Men Shouldn’t Be Caught Dead In

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To look dashing and debonair is not about staying up-to-date with style trends all the time, it’s about knowing what are the items you can avoid if you don’t want to look like a fashion disaster too. Finding what works for you and what makes you look crass can be tricky. Luckily, you have nothing to worry about as we bring you some of the menswear you shouldn’t even be caught dead in.

Extremely Large Logos on T-Shirts-

Graphic t-shirts that come with minimal prints and patterns are fine but clothing that shows off a huge logo or brand is a strict no-no. You are not a walking billboard for any brand (unless they are paying you for the endorsement of course). It is okay to find a shirt or t-shirt with a small brand logo at the side. So stick to minimal branding or best nothing at all or else you end up looking like a school boy.

Skinny Jeans Can Be A Sworn Enemy-

Skinny jeans that hug you at the thighs and calves are not at all pleasing to the eyes. It reflects an unattractive silhouette and makes people swivel their heads for all the wrong reasons. It makes you look less masculine and your legs appear shorter. If you are on the heftier side of things, it puts the very parts of your body you want to hide (such as your belly) on display. So do yourself a favor and avoid wearing this piece of denim altogether.

Matching Your Pocket Square and Tie-

We agree that wearing a pocket square and tie makes you look your handsomest best however if you are attempting to go in for this look, make certain you fold your own pocket squares and tie your own tie. The pre-tie ties and pre-folded pocket squares are not at all acceptable.

Baggy, Ill-Fit Clothes-

It is time to toss those ill-fitting, baggy clothes straight out the window (why do you still have them in the first place?) Understand the importance of clothes that fit you well. They help you exude confidence and professionalism. In contrast to this, baggy clothes have the opposite effect. So save yourself the looks you get for being sloppy and careless and throw these clothes out the window for good.

Socks with Sandals-

Socks and sandals do not go together. In fact, any man who is actually still continuing this s-called ‘trend’ is delusional (no offense). It defeats the whole purpose of wearing sandals in the first place. After all, sandals are basically worn for the hot and humid seasons. Your socks need to be hidden and unnoticeable under your shoes. So if you are among these few, who pair sandals with socks, ditch them right away.

Trousers Embroidered with Logos-

No matter what designers of this fad had in mind, wearing logo embroidered trousers is not a good idea. It is only top Italian women who can rock this look with élan and style. Sadly and clearly you don’t come under this category so avoid flaunting motifs, designer logos, flags or shapes on your bottom wear.

All in all, you can never go wrong with designer t-shirts as well as well-fitted and perfectly tailored top and bottom wear. As long as you stay away from these things mentioned above, you can sure to rock any event or occasion with style and confidence.