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Chatbots Changing BPO Industry

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Chatbots Changing BPO Industry

When one thinks of outsourcing, he would think of the high-quality affordable service that call centers in the Philippines have. This is a strong business that helps keep the Philippine economy and people alive. However, change is coming to this industry that has its workers worried. This is because of the rise of chatbots.

What are Chatbots?

Bots, in general, are online computer programs that are designed to do certain tasks. The ones that act like virtual assistants to those seeking customer or company service are called chatbots. These come in a wide variety built to do human tasks in order to solve any customers’ problems at break-neck speeds.(Chatbots Changing BPO Industry)

The A.I. found in these bots are so intelligent that they could answer queries just like a human being could. In fact, most people that chat with these robots actually cannot tell that they are speaking with a program. With such an ability, many BPO companies are looking to adapt the technology in order achieve more efficient operations.

Advantage of Chatbots: Quality Service With Zero Effort

Chatbots show their truest potential when they are used in a website with a huge amount of traffic. With a big number of visitors comes an even bigger amount of questions. The intelligently-made program found in the bots makes it effortlessly quick to address this endless amount of queries. The target market will definitely be happy to get the answers they need right away. It’s a means of achieving customer satisfaction right away without lifting a finger during the whole process.Chatbots Changing BPO Industry

Even if there’s not a single human being to manage the program, it can independently handle all communications between a company and their market. Because of this, BPO companies can save money on human resources. This brings this article to its next point.

Disadvantage: Many Will Be Left Jobless

The workers in the BPO industry find chatbots to be a threat and a source of stress and anxiety. Because of the efficiency of the program, these bots can actually be seen replacing many human jobs in the future. While this great for the BPO industry itself, many of its hardworking employees will be out of work; they don’t deserve that.

While these bots are taking over the BPO world, it’s not only their industry that needs to worry. With new forms of this technology being developed as time passes, virtual office assistants will soon be able to do work that personal/executive assistants do and that is just the beginning. Many will be left jobless in the future if this technology is embraced.

Another huge downside is the lack of human touch. This means that the programs can only answer queries that is in its system. So only the most common but most basic questions can be answered. But, since situations and humans are complicated, problems are often too intricate for a chatbot to answer properly. If it tries, then it will only reach the wrong answers faster and disappoint the customer. While customer satisfaction can be quickly achieve with these bots, so can dissatisfaction.

Chatbots Changing BPO Industry Key Takeaway

Chatbots are definitely more effective at answering simple customer concerns. But when it comes to complicated problems, it is still best to have that human touch.