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How can a Non-US Resident use US Google PlayStore from Anywhere?

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How can a Non-US Resident use US Google PlayStore from Anywhere?

Nearly a decade back, Android operating system was developed by Google and was released in the month of September in 2008. Soon after its launch, the smartphone industry boomed creating a revolution in the mobile industry. Soon after the launch of the Android operating system, the world most renowned seller of mobile devices – Nokia failed to stay at the top and suffered a major downfall. It didn’t adapt to the change, and this became the major reason for its downfall.

As Android was launched officially by Google, some companies started using this open-source operating system on their mobile devices, and it was a great success for them. To help the people download apps and games on their smartphones from a single place, Google launched Google Play Store that comes pre-installed on every Android device. The users can log in to the play store and download their favorite apps and games on their smartphones.

But, Google Play Store often restricts the use of certain apps and games outside a region. Some of the apps cannot be accessed outside the US region or outside any other country. If you are the one who is looking to access an app that can only be accessed by the people residing in the US, then Virtual Private Server is the best solution for you. Let us learn more about it.

How to Access the US Google Play Store from your Location?

There are some applications and games available on the Google Play Store that cannot be installed outside the US boundaries. So, if you area US citizen and living outside the US, you cannot access certain movies and TV shows on the app Netflix. If you wish to watch these TV shows or movies on Netflix, you need to have a US Google Play Store account.

So, by using a VPN, you can simply change your primary location to the US by connecting to a US server. Once you are connected to the US server, you will get a random US IP, and then you can easily run a US Google Play Store account from just any location in the world. But why these apps are blocked outside the US region? Let’s explore it in details and find out how to use a VPN to access US Google Play Store from anywhere.

Why can you not access US Google Play Store outside the US Boundaries?

The conditions might become worst if the universal access to Google Play Store US is provided to the people living in other countries. A number of copyrights conflicts might arise every day related to the books, music, movies on Netflix, and another type of content. This is one of the reasons why the people outside the US region cannot have access to the US Play Store. A few limitations to the Google Play Store version of every country had been put by the Google.

How to Get a USA Google Play Store Account?

You might have got to know that it is mandatory to have a US IP address to access the Google Play Store US version from just anywhere in the world. Also, you need to make few changes in your device by going to the ‘Device Settings.’ The US IP address can be taken using a VPN. Most of the VPNs have their mobile apps, and a few of them also provide free access up to certain data limit. Make sure you go with the most reliable VPN service.

You can also opt for a premium VPN to access more features. NordVPN can turn out to be an affordable and good choice. Once you have purchased the NordVPN plan, follow the steps to access the US Google Play Store on your Android device.

  • First of all, download the NordVPN Android app on your smartphone and then log in to the account after entering the credentials.
  • The VPN usually provides some servers to connect to. You need to choose a US server after getting connected to the VPN.
  • Once you are connected to the US server, your existing IP address will be replaced by the random IP address of the server.
  • Now, move on to “Settings’ option on the Android device.
  • You will find ‘Google Play Store’ App under the ‘Downloaded’ option.
  • You should press two options – ‘Clear Data’ and then ‘Force Stop.’
  • Now, launch the Google Play Store on your Android Device once more.
  • You can now open the US Google Play Store account on your Android device and access all the applications and games that are restricted to the US region only.

This method can also be used on your Android PC or tablet, but ensure that you have setup the VPN on the desired device. The technique mentioned above can be followed by a non-US resident to access the US Google Play Store from any location other than the US. The user needs to ensure that every step mentioned above is followed carefully to avoid any errors. Buy yourself a good VPN that don’t store the user logs and offers good streaming speeds. This is why we recommend using NordVPN, which is the best and most trustworthy VPN provider offering double VPN to its users.

The Bottom Line

Accessing the US Google Play Store account in a country other than the US is a difficult task. But, accessing it using the virtual private server can be done smoothly. Google Play Store US version can be accessed using a VPN and getting connected to the US server. Once you get the US IP address, follow the guide mentioned above and start using the US VPN on your device without much hassle. If you are a native US citizen, but living overseas, get yourself a Google Play Store US version using a VPN and have access to all the apps and games that are blocked outside the US boundaries.