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BSF jawan challenges boundaries of weather, stands in lake of water holding rifle

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New Delhi: Perseverance and will power describe them the best! Yes, it is because of those unrecognized heroes at the border who are risking their lives every moment fighting for the country.

The Indian Army sacrifices a lot for the sake of our safety. It is a fact that is believed and appreciated by everyone. And that’s why all Indians, regardless of their different political sentiments, will agree on at least one thing: the Army is the mainstay of the nation and we can’t thank them enough for the kind of things that they brave for us.

However, at times we need to see for ourselves the kind of distress they go through to make sure that the citizens of India can sleep a good sleep at night.

One such occasion has been put up by Major Surendra Poonia who tweeted a photograph of an Indian BSF jawan who barely cared about the boundaries of the weather.

He has been seen standing in a pool of water, holding a rifle in his hand.

This is definitely not the first time we are perceiving such a courageousness of the Indian Armed Force. So far, there have been several alike incidents which had done their rounds on social media.

In spite of the unexpected deaths of Indian soldiers in the history, our jawans never step back from dying for their motherland and become a sacrifice.

The powerful image and the caption is already pulling at the hearts of hundreds of Indians. People praised the fact that the Indian soldiers work in areas where we can’t even think about going.

No matter what, our soldiers are always there for us. Some people even shut down haters.

We can’t even imagine the kind of flexibility it requires to stand in water for hours. Some were brought to tears when they saw the photo.

A few users also tried to bring attention to the sorry conditions of our soldiers and argued that more should be done for their betterment.