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Bonk Be Live – The Social Streaming App for Generation Z

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The world is in the development phase and the advancing technology is making the things possible. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence that seemed to be a big challenge a few years back has now been made possible. The implementation can be found in a number of apps of the modern day. One such live example is the topmost live streaming application – Bonk Be Live.

Bonk Be Live is the latest digital revolution in the field of Information Technology that has given a new definition to the word – ‘masterpiece’. It is a superb app designed by the most skillful and experienced programmers on this planet. It is one of those applications that haven’t been designed so far by any of the big names in this industry. Let have a glimpse of this superb application.

Bonk Be Live – The Brief Insight

Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live is the top leader in the live streaming app industry and it has gained this spot in less than a year. The consistent marketing efforts and a fantastic user interface equipped with powerful features are the reasons behind its success. The users loved the concept of making money online by simply entertaining the audience viewing their streams.

Developed by Boink Live Streaming Corporation, Bonk Be Live is working on 100+ nations and plans to spread all over the world. A number of countries have come together with Bonk Be Live for the betterment of this app. The IDAP from Ukraine and Indonesia’s Castle Productions are the technology builders for the app. Along with them is the team of geeks that are looking after the high-tech physiques and powerful algorithms to embed AR and AI into the app.

Imagically – A New Contract to Promote the App

Bonk Be Live

Boink Live Streaming Corporation signed a new contract with Greg Gifford and named it I magically. Under this contract, Greg will be working to recruit 30 million new US subscribers to the app by promoting the app in the US region. Boink will be investing USD25 million under the guidance of Greg for the promotion of this app. Greg Gifford is also appointed the Executive Vice President for Corporate Operations in the US Wing.  The app will surely touch new heights under the guidance of Greg.

Why go with Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live

A number of social media giants are terribly slow just like the lumbering machines that are inept and are not resistive to a change. The newly launched platform of Bonk Be Live is specially tailored for the youth. It works fabulously work on the web as well as on the mobile devices. Bonk Be Live brings the streaming mobile app altogether. Instagram and Facebook took the Live Format features from Bonk Be Live’s interface.

Bonk Be Live VIP and Premium Service

Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live VIP and Premium service are yet to be launched. It will make the user experience more story-driven and personal, and the streamers & audience will have the access to high-quality media files. We all know that the privacy concerns have always besieged the social media from the beginning. There has been a significant increase in the cybercrime activities. To fight this, Bonk Be Live offers much-advanced profile privacy and network. It claims to provide the best high-tech privacy on the social media, never seen before.

What’s there for the Broadcasters and Advertisers?

Bonk Be Live’s revolutionary concept behind the development of this app is the reason for its immense popularity in no time. The broadcasters get a chance to become an overnight sensation by just entertaining the audience. Moreover, the broadcasters can make money by running the promotional ads in between their stream. They can make up to $50 for running an advertisement for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The advertisers can now ditch the conventional advertising method and invest in a modern way of advertising with Bonk Be Live. Bonk Be Live lets the advertiser run the logo ads on a carousel during the stream and full-screen ad during the broadcast as well. It is one of the best ways to get higher conversions and reach a larger audience.

The Verdict

Bonk Be Live has ventured to the top in the live streaming application industry. It now plans to expand in more countries and reach the larger audience. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms and can be installed for free. If you haven’t installed Bonk Be Live till now, go for it!