Top 3 Best Web Browser for Android

Top 3 Best Web Browser for Android

Android has evolved from the ugly basic touch operating system that we saw back in 2008 to the beautiful, fast and feature-filled OS that it is today.

Android has come through several versions and the eighth main edition, Android O, is set to be released soon. It is a key player in the market today and comes pre-installed on a huge portion of the smartphones being sold.

Ours is a blog dedicated to publishing articles on everything related to Android and today we are going to give our best to review the top 3 best web browsers for Android.

Browsers for Android just like the ones for PC are those apps that let users connect to the Internet and browse web pages.

A good web browser should be fast to load, easy to navigate, and should have all the necessary features and some more. An incognito mode, separate downloads section, good media player, are the things that a browser app should possess.

So let’s see in detail the three best web browser that we think would suit you.

Top Best Web Browser for Android:

  1.Google Chrome

best web browser

This one is a no-brainer. None of the other browsers could be placed at the top position of this list because none of them is better than the Google Chrome.

Google Chrome dominates the browser world of the big screen and has also set its place on the small screen. The app is quick, feature rich, and the UI is as sleek as possible with material design implementation.

It is highly secure and thus reliable. Once you sign in with your Google account, all your history, passwords, bookmarks get synced and appear on the browser.

Google Chrome comes preinstalled on most Android devices as part of the gaps and thus has gained a huge user base. Once a user starts using this, they seldom move on to another browser.

The app also has a separate downloads section that supports pause and resume.

Occasionally errors such as the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error may come up in a desktop Chrome browser, but the Android version has no such errors.

I think this is the best Android web browser currently available and that you should try this one out first if you haven’t already.

    2.UC browser

best web browser

UC browser takes the second spot in our list of top Android web browsers, and rightly so. The app is built for an average user, one who is conscious about the data usage and one who is on a slow, limited internet plan.

The app is favored by millions of users and gets a 4.5 rating out of 5 in the Google Play Store. The download section is one that everyone loves; the app claims that it speeds up downloads and saves data.
One of the things that stand out about this app is its Ad-Block feature.

The browser can efficiently block any advertisement present in web pages. The app also has a compression feature wherein it compresses web pages before it is loaded to save the data of the user and speed up things.

There is even a stripped down version of the app called UC mini which is a masterpiece of its own. It saves a huge amount of data by serving the most basic version of a web page.

There are people who install the UC Mini to use just the download feature. This download feature can be used to easily download unblocked movies from several sources on the internet.

   3.Mozilla Firefox

best web browser

Mozilla Firefox, a very famous desktop browser, also has its presence in the Android world.

The app has all the necessary features a browser should have from incognito tabs to a “Request desktop site button”. There are however two things unique to Mozilla Firefox.
First one is the add-ons. Mozilla the desktop browser is famous for its many add-ons that are offered and so is the case in Android.

You can browse among hundreds of add-ons from the Mozilla store, and all of them are free to use. These add-ons bring extra functionalities to the browser such as VPN, Games, etc. There are also themes available on the same store.

The second thing that needs to be mentioned is the Guest Session. A guest session in the browser is a feature that opens an instance of the app which shows none of the login passwords, cache, bookmarks or histories of the original user.

Neither would the data created in the guest session be stored anywhere. It is like incognito browser, but it is more than that.


We have here reviewed the top three of the best web browser in Android, and it is now up to you to decide which one to use.

Feel free to drop a comment, and we will get back to you.

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  1. I definitely agree with you that Google Chrome is the number one browser up till now. The fast features, the quality design. Everything is just sleek. I haven’t heard of the UC browser but I’ll definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing your insights!

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