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10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android Smart-Phones

Are You Looking For Best Music Recording App For Android? Or Smart Voice Recorder?

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Are you searching for best voice recorder apps for android? Or looking for the best music recording app for android I am here to share with you Top 10 best Voice recorder apps for Android.
If you are a talented musician or interested in music and wants to record your voice and journalists also need to record their interviews or someone who wants to record their voice.

I have good news to record your voice with best voice recorders even you can’t buy from Amazon of Wal-Mart your Smartphone makes your job easy here is the list of best voice recorder apps for Android that you can download by clicking on each App Link

Easy Voice Recorder basically aims up to do up exactly what its actual name suggests up. Thankfully, it does that task quiet pretty well.

You basically have open up the app, hit up the mic button, record up, share up as much as needed, and then close up the app.

It in fact also has great and few extra features, like the incredible ability to change up like what kind of the file type you essentially record up to. It also has up a widget support

10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

Audio Recorder

best voice recorder apps for android

Audio Recorder is one of the simplest and coolest to use voice recorder applications. It is an effortlessness that you can operate easily. It’s a very funny recorder. Its great attraction is that it supports a pair of real microphones able to record some beautiful decent audio. Apart from hardware support, it has the basics. You can record things, save them, load them on various platforms (including cloud storage) and more. It’s free to download and use if you are interested.

Easy Voice Recorder

best voice recorder apps for android

[Price: Free / $3.99]

Easy Voice Recorder intends to do precisely what its name suggests. Providentially it does very well. Open the application, press the microphone button, record, share as needed and close the application. It also has some extra features, such as the capability to change the type of file type you are recording. It also has support for widgets.


best voice recorder apps for android

[Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $5.99 per month]

Evernote is actually an application that takes note but also has voice recording functionality. This is a great choice for people like musicians, college students and other areas where taking a recording and then writing notes about it can be very helpful. Just record the audio as normal, then build your note around it, and then save it there for easy retrieval. Evernote also offers cross-platform compatibility for PC, Mac, and Linux so you can store your files quickly. You can also go with one of the two subscriptions if you need more features.

Google Keep

[Price: Free] Google Keep is another note-taking application that supports voice recording. Voice recordings cannot be too long or ornate, but it’s still a good choice if you need something quick and easy. Like Evernote, Recordings can be accessed on your phone or on PC / Linux / Mac using Google Drive. Along with voice recording, you can take notes of text, picture notes, and notes from the list if necessary. It’s totally free to download and use, which is another bonus.


best voice recorder apps for android

[Price: Free / $ 3.49] Hi-Q is one of the best voice recorder applications available right now. It records in MP3 so that it can be reproduced in practically all the devices that exist. Along with that, you may have to automatically upload to Drop box if you want once the recording is done. It also comes with support for widgets, the ability to choose which microphone on your device to use (assuming you have more than one), integrated WiFi transfer, gain control and more. The paid version adds some more features. The only drawback is that it is not compatible with recording phone calls.

RecForge II

[Price: Free / $ 3.49] RecForge II is one of the most powerful voice recording applications out there. It has a lot of features, including tone control, gain control, tempo control and more. It is one of the best for longer recordings and especially for things like music or recordings of lectures. The application also comes with a built-in editor so you can record and edit your recordings at will. You can even have the playback loop for memorizing purposes. It is a good general option with tons of features for almost any use case.

Smart Voice Recorder

best voice recorder apps for android

[Price: Free / $ 1.49] Smart Voice Recorder is an application that was made specifically for long-term recording. Some of the use cases of this may be recording the things you say in your dream, lectures at school, or even practicing the band. It includes the ability to automatically skip long periods of silence so you can get to the meat and potatoes from your recordings. It also has some other useful features, such as the ability to set recordings such as ringtone, a microphone calibration tool and much more. You can pick up the paid version for $ 1.49 as a purchase in the app.


[Price: Free] Snipback is a different type of application. Like most voice recorder applications, it performs the basics. You can record things, upload them if necessary and manage the files. It also has some other features like audio quality selections, recording duration selections, and a noise reduction filter. What makes it unique is the ability to recover up to 30 seconds of audio before you start recording. The only caveat is that you’ll have to leave the application open to do that, but otherwise, it’s a very nice feature. The application is also free.

Voice Recorder

Price: Free] Fortunately, the voice recorder is a better application than its bland name would imply. It is a fully equipped application that likes to keep it simple. You can record in PCM (Wave), AAC and AMR, which offers you a wide variety of options. The interface is easy to use, files are easy to find and manage, and this can be used to record phone calls (if your device and operating system supported). It also has other features like a bitrate option and more. It’s completely free to download and use if you need it.

This is all about 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android