Best remedies for your stomach upset

Now a days stomach upset has been a common problem in our life.There are so many reasons for it.Like eating a junk food,no systematic food habit and many more.Here are some of the best remedies that can heal your upset stomach.

1.Ginger:Ginger has been used since ancient times by the people to cure stomach ailments.we consider it as best remedy for stomach related issues.It has  medicinal properties like it has got powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.It contains chemicals called gingerols and shogaols which can relieve stomach cramps and intestinal spasm.ginger cures nausea and reduces pain in can also treat stomach inflammation in colon,thus decreasing the risk of colon cancer.Best remedies for your stomach upset ginger

2.Apple cider vinegar:Apple cider vinegar soothes an upset is very effective for relieving stomach ache.its acidic nature makes it powerful remedy.drinking apple cider vinegar along with water helps to combat bloating and gas.It contains pectin that eases intestinal contains antibiotic properties which help in is a safe and natural cure for stomach pain and it is suggested once you try and see for yourself.will you?

3.peppermint:peppermint(mint) can heal some conditions like indigestion,gas,bloating.peppermint when taken in the form of capsules is believed to cure IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) and it also helps in reducing nausea.other than easing stomach issues it has got multiple health benefits like relieving headache,helping in hair growth,respiratory problems,boosting energy and many.hence you can be sure that it is best remedy for stomach upset.

4.cumin seed(jeera):it is a very good remedy for stomach related problems as it comprises of essential oils mainly cuminaldehyde,which eases digestion related problems.Thymol, a compound present in it  promotes complete digestion of food in stomach and beats constipation,because ti contains high amount of fibre which stimulates enzyme secretion.thus it is used as laxative.

5.Banana:bananas are considered as one of the best remedies for stomach upset ,because it contains pectin which helps in solid bowel movement.bananas removes off excessive acid and gas in the stomach which is main reason for stomach ache.besides that,bananas secrete dopamine in brain that activates happiness in us.

6.chamomile tea:oil present in flowers of chamomile herb is able to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation of the mucous membranes in stomach.chamomile tea soothes intestines and thus aids in eliminating gas from the is said to be helpful in gastritis and ulcer is a simple and effective way to heal digestive issues.

so these are considered as few of the best remedies for healing stomach upset.

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