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Best Possible Ways O Use Tech For Exam Prep

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Best possible ways to use tech for exam prep


We are accustomed to technology now. At every step, there is technological advancement peeking right around the corner. We cannot imagine a life without technology. Technology has seen the most of its use specifically among one particular section of the population- students. Students are well equipped with the technology these days. Earlier parents were concerned about technology ruining students’ lives by imparting a non-effective aura of time wastage conducted by spending hours on smartphones.

Nowadays students do the exact same thing, but instead of scrolling down Facebook and Instagram; students are more devoted towards scrolling down e-learning sites. Instead of watching the music video of the hottest number on the Billboard, students are more occupied in watching online tutorials on various academic topics. With the introduction of e-learning; students and most importantly, their parents have embraced the positive aspects of technology in their lives.

So how can you use tech for your exam preparation?

Online Tutorial Videos

You can start watching online tutorial videos on YouTube. There are so many video lectures uploaded by various teachers who accentuate of spreading knowledge using the ease of technology and internet.

The World Wide Web offers a plethora of informative and educational videos that can be streamed via sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This is considered as an interface between students and teachers that promote better and effective learning.

You can even watch these videos on your other smart devices like mobile phones and tablets. These videos can be watched anywhere and anytime with the availability of internet services. You would not have to physically attend classes at inappropriate times and can start learning even at 2 am in the morning, if that is convenient for you.

Online courses

Many websites like providing various online courses that can definitely help you with your exam preparation. They follow a virtual classroom method where they explain the concepts over video lectures and provide assignments daily.

You can also test your level of understanding by attempting the online tests that are scheduled for these courses. With the ease of technology, you can take up an entire course online and never have to leave your home. You will never have to travel for hours to attend your classes or to give a test.

Exam preparation apps

There are many mobile applications that help you prepare for your examination. Apps such as Pocket prep enables students to prepare for examinations by actually answering questions similar to the ones asked in exams.

These apps fixate on providing a comprehensive learning experience by including question bank along with their answers and explanation to promote better understanding. Students will also be able to review their performance and keep a tab of their performance statistics. This further helps the student to realize which areas they need to work on more. Some useful apps are:

Math Tricks App

This has all the tricks and the simplified solutions of math questions asked in competitive examinations. With features like speed tests, bookmarks, and result checks you can have a vast question bank filled with MCQs at the tip of your fingers.

GK for SSC, IES, IBPS and IAS exams is another mobile application that contains questions on current affairs thus preparing aspiring candidates for important examinations like GATE, UPSC, and LIC etc.

Aptitude Test and Preparation is another app which helps you crack your examinations with the help of their solved problems, formulae, practice session and online tests.

E-books and E-Readers

E-books have profusely helped the student community. With e-books available on the World Wide Web, students have access to a large library of books at the tip of their fingers. Now, students do not need to go from store to store looking for examination manuals and books, thus saving them time.

E-Books are a lot less expensive as well and they are incredibly portable, meaning you can access your e-book form your smartphone or tablet anywhere and anytime. E-Books are also searchable and students would not have to flip pages over and over again in order to search for a specific topic. This saves the student time and makes sure the student gets the information quickly.

Note making apps

There is an abundance of Note taking apps that help students to record various important points during class lectures, presentations, and seminars. This is an effective way of knowledge retention since it involves information gathering and jotting it down in a written format.

Sometimes scribbling on a notebook is not as effective as it seems because some students may not have a good handwriting. These apps are particularly effective for those students. Note taking apps are more reliable since they have an automatic and manual backup option on a cloud, so even if you lose all the information you wrote you can easily access from your cloud storage.

Mobile note-taking apps are also efficient since they are portable, while people can always take notes on laptops and tablets; it is not exactly easy to carry a laptop or tablet all the time.

Hence we can easily induce technology in our lives to study for our examinations. With these helpful options, it is easier to be well prepared and crack those examinations with confidence.