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The 10 Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC

Run iOS Apps on Windows PC

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Do you own a Windows PC and willing to run iOS apps on your PC? or maybe you are a developer and wanted to test apps developed by you without purchasing an iOS device. Well, if you are seeking with the same query, here I am going to help you with that in this article by sharing the 10 Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC.

For solving all of your queries related to iOS emulators and which one is best, I am writing this article on “Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC.”  I have filtered this list of 10 best iOS emulators after testing 100s of emulators by myself. Every emulator that I have enlisted here comes with their unique features. So, without wasting your time, let’s get started-

The 10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Mobione Studio

The first on the list and one of the favorite iOS emulator so far. Though the Mobione Studio is officially discontinued, you still can use it with its old versions. Mobione Studio is one of the best iOS emulators because it allows you to test the cross-platform apps easily. It is the main reason what makes it a prior choice of app developers. Even, you can enable the status notification in it. You can enjoy the beta apps as well in it.

The Mobione Studio is compatible with all of the variants of Windows including Windows 10 as well. Even you can use it with many of the Linux flavors also. You can download Mobione Studio from the download button given below-

Download Mobione Studio is yet another iOS emulator that has impressed me a lot. The reason is the technology it is based on. It is a cloud-based emulator that means that you can access it from any kind of digital devices. Even from an Android device too. The interface is pretty simple, clean and very easy to navigate. It is one of the fastest cloud-based iOS emulator available so far that I have tested. Also, you can run android apk too with this emulator.

Appetize allows you to access 100 minutes free for the first time you’ll install it and after that, you need to pay $0.05 per minute. It is a cloud-based emulator, so you can access it from any of the devices which allows you to browse the internet. You can access it by visiting the button given below-


Ipadian is one of the best iPad emulators for windows I have used so far. It gives you the same feel of using an iPad, and the great thing is that it is available for Windows and Android both of the devices. This iOS emulator allows you to access almost all premium features that Apple offers on their devices. Features like SIRI, iMessage, TVOS, etc. iPadian is the only emulator that offers this much features and still works like a charm.

The user interface of iPadian is quite similar to iOS which makes it bit easy to operate. The great part of iPadian is that it is freely available for a lifetime period. Also, it can run many of the games very smoothly so if you are searching for an iOS Gaming emulator, you can try this one.

Download iPadian Emulator


SmartFace is another great iOS emulator available for Windows OS. SmartFace is a strong competitor of iPadian. But somehow SmartFace’s premium version is much smoother than the iPadian, but if you compete iPadian with Smartface’s free version, iPadian is the one-sided winner. That’s why I listed Smartface after the iPadian.

It is widely used by the developers to build native cross-platform applications and test them. Free versions are available for the lifetime, so depending on your choice, you can go with the free one or paid one. The paid one starts from $99 with a one time purchase.

Download SmartFace iOS Emulator

Air iPhone

Air iPhone creates another great iPad Emulator. It gives the same user interface of an iOS device on Windows PC. It allows us to see the actual screen on our monitor. The interface is pretty simple and looks like the replica of an iOS device. Air iPhone runs on the Adobe AIR framework, so you need to install that framework on your PC in case of running this emulator. You can easily download that framework from Adobe’s official website.

Adobe AIR is freely available over the internet, and you can download it easily from the button given below-

Download AIR iPhone

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Are you searching for an iOS emulator only for the gaming purposes? If yes then Nintendo 3DS Emulator is the best option you have. Nintendo 3DS Emulator has regarded greatest from many of the users. You can play some quality iOS games on your Windows PC. Nintendo let you enjoy all kind of 2D and 3D iOS games on your PC efficiently.

It is a virtual console mainly made for gaming purposes, and that’s why this can run games smoothly without any lagging issues. If you ask me personally an emulator for just only gaming, I will suggest you go with Nintendo 3DS Emulator.

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin is very popular among its users because of the user-friendly interface and advanced customer support. It is one of the toughest competitors of iPadian and SmartFace because of the kind of smoothness it offers. Also, it is based on iOS 8.0, so you can only test the application based on iOS 8.0 or above version. If you want to test an application which is based on lower version, then you should have to go with any other emulator listed in this list.

Apple corporation owns this product, and because of being an Apple product, it can perform a lot of tasks related to iOS. Setting it up and performing tasks into it is very easy. Below is the button to download it. 😉

Download Xamarin Testflight

Electric Mobile Studio

The most expensive iOS Emulator that I am going to enlist here is “Electric Mobile Studio.” However, it is an iOS Emulator which offers quality features too. It costs around $39 per month which seems quite expensive and also, for running this iOS Emulator you need a high-end device. But I know that if you are ready to pay $39 per month, you must be owning a beast PC or laptop for sure.

Although if you are searching for an emulator for gaming purposes, I won’t suggest you go with this because of the cost and on other hands Nintendo 3DS will work like a charm for you. But if you are a developer, this could be the great investment for you because this iOS emulator allows you to code iOS apps in different languages. Apart from this, it offers a seven days trial which can help you in getting to know how it works.

Download Electric Mobile Studio


The next one that we are going to feature today in this article is, Ripple. It is a Google Chrome’s browser-based extension which you can use as an emulator for testing purposes. It is another cloud-based iOS emulator which supports almost all type of iOS applications. It can easily run the apps based on iOS 1 to iOS 11 without any issue.

It is good to go tool if you are searching for a lightweight emulator for your Windows or MAC PC. It is an excellent alternative to software-based iOS Emulators, and that’s why it made a place in our list of Best iOS Emulator. You can have a try from the download button given below-

Install Ripple


The emulator we are now going to talk about is not the Best iOS Emulator currently available, but it seems a decent one. I have personally tested and liked this product because it is a lightweight product and it can run many of the games very smoothly without a lag.

Though it can’t be able to run apps based on the lower version than 9.0, it is still an excellent choice for the latest games as all of those are based on iOS 9 and above versions. However, if your need is a gaming iOS emulator, I would recommend trying this one once.

Download iMame

Final Words-

There are a lot of more tools that you will be able to see in the market, but not everyone performs best. I made this list after testing 100s of free and paid tools and after analyzing them deeply, I finally featured the ten best iOS emulators. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this article.

Also, if you ask me to pick up some from the list, I will go with Xamarin Testflight if I am going with the paid one. iPadian for overall performance and a free tool and Nintendo 3DS for gaming purposes. Let me know which one you are using in the comment section. Also, if you have any question regarding iOS Emulators, share them in the comment section so that our team can assist you as soon as possible.

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