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Best 5 Battery Saver App For Android 2017

Battery Saver App For Android

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The battery is the main part of smartphone nowadays smartphone features is going increasing by that battery of smartphone will get down fast.

A feature like dual SIMS, 3G/4G innovation, and substantial Screens etc. This all features will consume you more battery life.

What to do

There is much application are available on play store which helps you save your battery life.  To tell honestly it hard to pick up one application which Is honest and genie for my or your smartphone.

So for this, I have select 10 battery savers apps for Android.

Battery Saver App For Android

5. Accu Battery

Battery Saver App For Android

Accu battery application is the one the best of application for battery saving. Here in the application, you get FREE and PRO app but as you know PRO means paid you to have to some money for this PRO version of Accu Battery.

I suggest you use Free version because in the Pro version you get only a few extra feature all the way free version is best for you.

Features of Accu Battery:

It Has good feature like

  • Measure Real battery capacity (mAH)
  • Use charge alarm to prolong battery life span
  • Look up the discharge speed and battery consumption per app
  • Remaining charge time.
  • Reaming use time.
  • You can easily check the percentage of deep sleep when your device is in the standby mode.
  • Main think you get real time battery Ongoing Notification.


4. Battery HD

Battery Saver App For Android

This is another free battery saver application for Android with delightful UI. This application doesn’t have any PRO version it has only FREE so you can easily download from play store.


It has Widegst by which you can manage on your home screen easily. You get notification bar charge alerts and usage chart.


The main feature of this Application is you get instantly to know how many hours you have left for

You phone activity’s like

  • Listening Music
  • Watching videos
  • Talking on the Phone
  • Standby222
  • Time left to recharge


And many more feature. I suggest this app if you want to know more about your phone.

3. 360 Battery plus Battery Saver

Battery Saver App For Android

This is another app which is free for use and download.  Is it a smart battery saver and battery darning fast? You can easily adjust your draining setting and you can easily disable unnecessary app which uses more battery you can easily disable that app.


It has all-round 3,14,968  users all over the world.


2. DU Battery Saver.

Battery Saver App For Android

Which is most trusted by more than 600 + million client all over the world. DU battery saver which is free application and don’t have any paid or PRO version.


This app is created for both Android and IOS users, This app is created by DU APPS and you can easily get the update for this app recently they have launched 2017 version which is pretty good version.


According to the company, this a smart app By which you can extend more than 60%


  • Power save up to 60%
  • On tap battery saver and battery optimizer
  • Phone colour
  • Junk cleaner
  • Battery saver and battery monitor
  • Super long standby mode
  • Colourfull Battery skin
  • App widget

    1.Battey saver 2017

Battery Saver App For Android

This is new application of battery saving in 2017 which is more popular now

Stages of loading:

The free Battery Saver Ultimate application regulates how your device charges with a unique 3-stage charging system to ensure you get the most out of your battery and reminds you not to overcharge.


Key Features:

  • Remaining battery time
  •  Displays the timeout.
  •  Exact charge remaining time
  •  Set the energy saving modes to work/class / sleep and more!
  •  3-stage charging system 1. Fast charging, 2. Continuous charging, 3. Ticketing.
  •  Wifi / Data / Bluetooth / GPS / Flight mode toggle!
  •  Brightness control!
  •  Shows the health of the battery, battery current in mAH, temperature, voltage and battery life.


What do you think about these battery saver apps? Have you tried it before? Have you any other battery saver app ? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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