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All about a Heart Valve Surgery

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A heart valve surgery is a procedure where an artificial valve goes on to replace the damaged portion of the heart. The new value is going to provide you timely relief and eradicate symptoms of the same. The benefits of this surgery would include improved quality of life, relief from pain and reduction on the symptoms front.

The procedure

  • You will be lying on your back at the operating table
  • Your blood pressure, breathing patterns and heart beats will be monitored on a regular basis. The moment you are sedated a breathing tube is going to be inserted into your lungs and this is done through the throat. Then you are going to be connected to a ventilator that will help you breathe during the surgery
  • On to your bladder a catheter will be inserted that will help to drain your urine
  • If there is any skin that is over the surgical area that is going to be cleaned with an antiseptic solution.
  • Through the centre of the chest the physician is going to make a cut
  • To perform this surgery, the heart has to be stopped so that the doctor can go on to perform this delicate procedure. Tubes are inserted into the heart so that it could go on to pump in more blood
  • The moment the blood gets diverted on to the bypass machine with regards to pumping, the heart is going to be stopped with the aid of injecting it with a cold solution
  • Once the heart has stopped the doctor is going to remove the deceased valve and then the artificial valve is going to be incorporated. This is the basis of heart valve replacement procedure. Though this procedure is dependent on the type of valve problem that does exist.
  • The moment the procedure is over, the blood that circulates through the bypass machine will get back on to the heart and the tubes will be removed. In small paddles the heart will be shocked so that the heart beat could start all over again.
  • Once the heart gets beating again the physician will check the function and the general condition of your heart.
  • For pacing temporary wires could be inserted in the heart. It could be attached to a pacemaker and the heart could be paced during the starting phase of recovery

The recovery

Normally a patient is an ICU for 2 to 3 days after the surgery and at this point of time the functions of the heart are going to be monitored in a close manner. The final recovery phase could extend to months and this boils down to the age and general health of the patient.

Heart valve operation cost in India stands comparatively lower when you compare it to the advanced countries. A lot of credit goes to the government for the development of medical tourism. The health care facilities of the country are no way behind the western hubs and the state of infrastructure does leave a telling remark as well.