Adventures and Sports of Rajasthan

The games and sports played in Rajasthan, has always been a trend setter, whether the traditional games that were adored by the famous royal dynasties or the modern games which is cherished by the younger generation. One can experience the numerous adventure sports offered in nook and corner of the state. Every sport here has a Midas touch of the royal culture of the region. Being the place dominated by the fighters who were keen to develop their riding and armed skills, the place serves every kind of these sports like horse riding, camel riding, polo, archery, javelin throw etc.

From skiing to water sports, we bring you some of the best sports of Rajasthan, which one could get in any Rajasthan Tour Packages.

  • Ballooning

Undoubtedly, the ubiquitous sand dune in Rajasthan is the best place to witness the everlasting experience in Hot air balloon. People also use this vehicle for travelling shorter distance from one town to another which is an exciting affair. One could witness the sights of ‘Pink city,’ Jaipur from a bird eye view.  A guide and safety personnel accompanies you through your journey. Clear fine images of forts, mountains, lakes, and villages are the obvious and enchanting sight you could see. For the best hot air balloon experience, one should do it at the time of Baneshwar Fair, Nagaur Fair, Pushkar fair etc.

Ballooning in Rajasthan

  • Para Sailing

Parasailing is one of the very costly sports, which is the part of Rajasthan tourism. This is leisure activity, a form of recreational kiting in which a person is towed behind a vehicle specially a boat while attached to a well-designed parachute which is called as a parasail. The sport is mainly conducted above large water bodies; not suited above sand dunes. But, Rajasthan has a very vast landscape which serves best for the game. The sport is offered in various parts of the state annually especially in Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, which attracts much tourist.

  • Gliding

This is another kind of air sport, which is somehow different from Para sailing. It is severe sport only done by experts and professional. In this sport, pilots fly gliders in the sky using the current of rising air in the environment. The sport needed special permission of the civil aviation authorities. Rajasthan endows extraordinary gliding chances in the areas of Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jaipur.

Gliding Rajasthan

  • Vintage Car rally

Any automobile lover could not get much better sight than Jaipur Car rally. Every year in the month of January pink city holds the vintage car rally in which various people take part.  This rally is the wonderful showcase of the old cars of the time of colonial period, which reflects royalty of the kings of the Rajasthan who were fond of cars and they used to import it from Europe and America. A car is termed as vintage if it is manufactured before 1939. The main attraction of the rally is witnessing these high speeding cars, running on the streets of Jaipur with full safety measure.

  • Elephant polo

As I said the place is the mix bag of modern and traditional sports. Elephant polo is a customized form of polo which is played on the back of elephant. The traditional game requires speed and intelligence and elephant serves both. One could witness the entertaining game in Rajasthan especially in the month of March in Chaugan stadium in Jaipur.

Besides the sports and monuments and cuisines, Rajasthan is known its diverse culture. One could never get the best taste of hospitality until it visit the largest state of India in terms of area.

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