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How to adjust and maintain an indoor air hockey table

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While there are many outdoor activities which you can do at the game, there are many you can do indoors. Indoor games are not only fun, but you can play inside your house without any time, season and occasion. That is why you can buy your favorite indoor games and tables to have unlimited fun anytime you want.

Indoor air hockey tables are one of the most played games at homes, colleges, clubs, bar, and hotels. Wherever you can find indoor sports, the air hockey table is easily found there.  That is why it is the best bet which is played by people of all ages, genders as it is straightforward to play and have simple rules. The one major feature of this game is it is designed with simple and effective technology which allows you to enjoy hassle-free gaming any time you want.

Background of indoor air hockey table:

The air hockey was first invested in early 1970’s by a group of engineers, it was made and inspire pool tables and shuffleboards. It becomes very famous short after that, and many tournaments and leagues of air hockey announce and played in this regard.

How does the air hockey work?

The main component of the air hockey is its slick surface. It is made of plastic and allows the players to enjoy the smooth game. Also, this table has slightly raised and round edges which prevent the puck from sticking and flying out from the air hockey table. The surface of the table also includes tiny holes evenly so that there is no friction involve while the puck sticks as well as there is an even place to play. Underneath the table surface, there is a fan which blows the air to the surface through small holes. The atmosphere allows the puck to float with the pressure created by the blown air and helps it to levitate. A similar principle is used in the hovercraft technology which looks and feels like the pure float in the air.

The main feature so this effect is created by the air which is produced by the fan and blown through the tiny holes. It also allows the opposite player to play effortlessly and the hit puck to the other end with it getting stuck on the board. That is the main reason for the continuous movement of the puck moving on the board; you can also feel the air blowing when you place your hand on the air hockey table.

Issues and problems with the Air Hockey:

1.    Fan:

The primary concern in the air hockey happens with its fan. The fans usually broke, or the issues with the blower unit are the primary reason for air hockey not functioning correctly.


2.    Table surface:

The other major issue is the surface which is rough and broken that is why you need the better cover for longer life and better performance.


3.    Table corners:

The table corners and wooden surface usually chip off due to the regular sticking, and due to this reason, it affects the performance of the game. That is why you must repair it as soon as possible so that your puck doesn’t stick on that place.



How to maintain and adjust the indoor air hockey?

If you want to improve the performance and life of your air hockey, then you must keep an eye on its performance as well as well being. It will increase the lifespan of your air hockey table and increase the playing production of your game. That’s why you can do following methods to keep your desk working, and in excellent condition, also it will add some more years in working.


•    Cleaning and waxing the table surface:

First of all, you should turn the fan on and clean the surface of the table with any soft material such as cotton cloth or microfiber towel. Also, you can go for the mild dishwasher detergent and warm water. Also, you can opt for the natural cleaner made for all purpose. Also, wipe all the cleanser and moisture before it completely dries with a dry and clean cloth.


•    Use the lubricant silicone spray regularly:

For better and faster gaming, you should apply the silicone spray lubricant often. Also, make sure that you don’t have to use it too much as it can cause things too much slick and the puck will run too quick.

Apply a small amount of lubricant on the microfiber cloth and gently buff the surface.


•    Keep the air hockey table covered:

If you want to maintain your table for a more extended period then it, is a good chance to protect the table surface from dust and dirt. That is why you would need to purchase a table cover which according to the length and width of your table also measures the size carefully so that the cover fits entirely and adequately.


•    Clean the air hockey fan:

The dirt and dust sticks to the fan and that are why it needed to be clean for better performance. You should remove all the dust from the fan with a soft cloth and remove any dirt particle which is on the fan so it can run smoothly and produce more and flawless air.