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7 Quick Back Pain Tips for Airplane Rides

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7 Quick Back Pain Tips for Airplane Rides

Back pain has been one of the common ailments in the world. Oftentimes, people suffering from this issue will avoid things that can worsen it like traveling. Just thinking of the crowd inside the plane, sitting for long hours and lifting luggage can cause anxiety and stress. If you are someone who may need to travel from to time or just need to attend an important gathering across the globe, here are a handful of helpful tips that can encourage some peace of mind and relief from pain travel.


Pack Light

Nothing can get more aggravating than carrying a bag or luggage all over the place. Do yourself a favor by just including items that are necessary. If you really need to bring a lot of things, you can put it in one checked bag. The goal is to lessen the burden so it is ideal t pack light. Some of us also carry a shoulder bag where we put all items that we want handy. To avoid any back pain, switch it from one side every now and then.

Bring a Support for your back

Sitting for long hours in an airplane can be irritating and can make us develop back pain. One way to ease the pain is by providing a support behind the area that is prone to pain. For economy class passengers, back rolls and neck pillows are easily available at many big-box stores. On the other hand, passengers at the business class can sleep comfortably by using a mattress. These supports do not just make us feel comfortable but further help us keep our posture, preventing back pain from taking place.

Consider Ice and Heat Therapy

Though support can pretty much help one to not develop a back pain during the flight, it does not apply to all. So, another helpful piece of advice is to utilize ice and heat therapy. Heat can decrease the muscle stiffness and trigger receptors in the brain which leads to one’s tolerance to pain. There are disposable hot packs that you can buy. Just place it to any part that you’re feeling any discomfort. The good thing is its effects last for hours. If you are not comfortable with using heat, another great therapy is ice. Ziploc bags are your best bet to relieve any back pain. Take time to explain to any of the flight attendants your situation and ask her to fill the bag with ice from the cart. Simply put the bag on the affected area and there will surely be an instant relief.

Move Around

One thing that most passengers don’t during the flight is moving around. Though it is not advisable most of the time (like when the seat belt warning is on), passengers can still move around. As sitting can stiffen and stress the spine, the best way to prevent it from happening is by stretching out and moving around. Doctors can also recommend simply to follow stretching exercise that one can do while on board.

Prepare Over the Medications

When all things fail, the last resort will be to take some medication. Over-the-counter medicines such as Acetaminophen (ex. Tylenol) and Naproxen (Aleve) can help relieve the pain in one’s back. Don’t wait for the pain to start before you take the medication. Take it at least an hour before the flight to give it time to take effect. It wouldn’t also hurt to keep it in a clear plastic bag in case the pain still persists during the flight so that you wouldn’t have to dig into the bag looking for it. Letting someone you can count on know your condition like a flight attendant so that he or she may be able to check on you from time to time.

Upgrade, If you have the Budget 😉

Surely a more comfortable seat will help not develop a back pain. Don’t be too thrifty to yourself. If you go the budget for a business class seat, why not go for it? It would be a lot of help if you are going for a long flight.

Who says that back pain can get in the way? With these quick back pain tips, you have the full to see the world without worrying any pain at all.