7 Most Shocking Bollywood Suicide

List of Bollywood celebrities who died

Welcome to getbigidea dear readers in today’s article you will get know about 7 Most Shocking Bollywood Suicide. If you read the reality of Madhubaha’s Shocking Death you will dig and think how colud it happens.

A question arises why anyone wants to end his/her life. There are so many incidents in Bollywood industry that would shock you.

You will go in thinking about those actresses why such beautiful, successful actresses attempted suicide which makes you a shock.

Checkout the 7 Most Shocking Bollywood Suicide

1. Jiah Khan


7 most shocking bollywood suicide

Jiah Khan’s real name is Nafisa Rizvi Khan, born on 20 February 1988, in New York City, U.S

She was a good singer and very talented British-American actress and raise in London, later she moved to Mumbai “The Dream city” for her acting career.

She made her debut film in 2007 with a Bollywood superstar Amitabh in NISHABD.

On third June 2013, she ended her life by hanging from a ceiling fan in her own bedroom of her family’s residence at the Sagar Sangeet building in JUHU Mumbai.

Before that she suspected a suicide, later Jiah’s mother claimed that Jiah was murdered by her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi.

2. Divya Bharti


7 most shocking bollywood suicide

She was a Bollywood actress, she was a very successful and talented actress how gave a lot of super hit Hindi and Telugu movies in 1990.

Divya Bharti met Sajid Nadiadwala at a set of Shola Aur Shabnam. very soon both are fell in love each other .Divya married with director Sajid Nadiadwala on 10 May 1992.

She converted to Islam after marriage and changes her name to SANA NADIADWALA.

Divya died on 5 April 1993, at age of 19, she died due to head injuries sustained after falling off the balcony of her 5th-floor apartment at Tulsi Building in Versova, is most shckoing death in bollywood industry.

The cause of her fall was not confirmed whatever it was a murder accident or suicide.

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3. Smitha Patil


7 most shocking bollywood suicide

Smitha Patil was a Bollywood actress born on 17 October 1995.

She was a national award winning actress. Apart from acting, she was very talented and active feminist a member of women’s center in Mumbai.

Smitha was married to Bollywood actor Raj Babbar she died on 13 December 1986 when she was 31 years old due to childbirth complications. Later it was said that she died due to the medical negligence.

4. Nafisa Joseph


7 most shocking bollywood suicide

Nafisa Joseph was born on 28 March 1978 in the capital city of Karnataka State Bangalore.

She started modeling at age of 12 years when her neighbor got her an opportunity to model for warehouse advertisement.

She is the youngest participant in Miss India pageant and she was the winner of Femina Miss India Universe 1997 and she was a finalist in the Miss Universe 1997 pageant in Miami Beach Florida.

Nafisa hanged herself in her flat in Versova, Mumbai on 29 July 2004 according to her parents she wants to marry with a businessman Gautam Khanduja.

she attempted suicide because she was depressed as her marriage was called off. The death mystery of this actress was never solved. This is 4th incident in our list of  7 Most Shocking Bollywood Suicide.

 5. Silk Smitha


7 most shocking Bollywood suicide

Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati born on 2 December she is known by her stage name Silk Smitha

She was an Indian actress who worked mostly in South Indian movies and becomes a major sex symbol. She died on the night of 22 September 1996.

6.  Parveen Babi


7 most shocking Bollywood suicide

Parveen Babi born on 4 April 1949 and she was from a royal family of Junagadh Gujarat

She was very beautiful and talented actress remembered for her glamorous roles. She acts in so many blockbusters of that time.

She was found dead in her Juhu home on January 25, 2005. This glam toy had a tragic end as she left no reason behind.

7. Kuljeet Randhawa


7 most shocking Bollywood suicide

Kujeet Randhawa was born on 1 January 1976 she was Indian model and actress s known for her strong women-centric roles.

She was a part of famous TV series C.A.T.S. She ended her life by hanging from a ceiling fan in her flat in Juhu Mumbai on 8 February 2006. this is the  a shocking death in bollywood. 7 most shocking bollywood suicide

Actress left a suicide note said that she decided to end her life because she was unable to manage the with life’s pressure



7 most shocking bollywood suicide

Madhubala,s Real name is Mumtaz Jeahan Begum Dehlavi was a Super Star Of Bollywood Industry she born on  14 February 1949  in Capital city of India New Delhi she is well known for Mugal-e-Azam check out one of the best song of her.

Now the question is how did Madubala Die?

Do you know what is what Ventricular septal defect is? Mumtaz had a hole in her heart which is detected when she was on the set of Bahut Din Huwe in Madras in 1954.

In the year 1960 her condition is aggravated, according to her sister due to her aliment, her body would produce extra blood. So it spill out from mouth and nose.

The doctors arranged the extra bottles of blood at her home. She also suffered from pulmonary pressure of the lungs she was breathless if oxygen was not provided in every 3 to 4 hours.

She was completely bed rest for nine years and she was totally reduced to just bones and skins you can also say that she was become a skeleton.

After a long time slight improvement had to be seen her health in 1966.  She made shockingly a brave decision to complete her work in Chalak movie with Raj Kapoor which is needed a short time shooting but she can’t continue to exist that strain.

Finally she moved to direction and makes her directorial debut with Farz Aur Ishq Movie in 1969.  She died on February 23 1969, it was a shoackig death,and the film was never made as during pre- production

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