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7 Effective Essay Tips for Writing

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Effective Practical Essay Tips for Writing a Perfect Paper

How to write a perfect essay? Are there any effective essay tips and practical advice to write a perfect essay? Essay structure, writing guidance, writing tips.

7 Effective Essay Tips for Writing

So, you have got an essay as a writing assignment. Writing may be not your favorite activity, but you definitely don’t mind getting a good score for your essay. That is why you had better get ready and do your best.

If you have difficulties with writing, here you can find some practical tips and a step-by-step guide on how to write an essay. Even if you are good at writing, you still may find them useful.All you have to do is to research the topic properly, create a good research paper outline, and to write your essay.

First of all, follow the standard structure:

  • The introduction – this part should be present, doesn’t matter what you think of it. Here, you introduce the topic and explain your idea. Here you introduce your paper to the reader.
  • The main body – this is the part where you explain and discuss everything. You state the common opinion, you declare whether you agree with it or disagree. You explain why you have taken this position, what the supporting evidence is, and why you are right. You discuss your point of view.
  • The conclusion – you make a summary of all that you have written with conclusions.

Now, some practical tips on how to make your essay perfect.

Research the Topic – the More You Know the More Persuasively You Can Write

If you don’t know the topic well, there is nothing to write about. You cannot state your opinion, you have nothing to compare it with, you simply have no materials based on which you can write anything. Hence, research the topic thoroughly. Even if you believe you know everything, still research it. Are there any important things that you didn’t know? How do they correlate with your opinion? How can you handle them in your essay? Are they strong enough, so that you can use them? Or are they weak enough for you to disconfirm them?

Take Notes – Otherwise, You Forget a Good Part of Ideas

While researching, you may find a good number of ideas which you would like to include in your paper. Why not write them down? This way you will make sure that you will not forget anything important. In the end, when you see that there are too many of them, you just get rid of some. Notes will also help you to arrange your thoughts and to create an image of the essay structure. A good outline is never a bad idea if you want to write a perfect paper.

Create a Detailed Outline

Some students believe this is a waste of time. Well, some limit themselves with short notes, though this is not the best way. The best thing is to create a detailed outline, where you indicate the ideas for all passages, and even write down arguments and evidence. It will be much easier to write later, and you will see from the structure if everything is smooth and if you want to add something or to remove something.

Start Writing

Now, you are ready to start with your essay. Just write it as it goes, based on the notes you have already taken. Expand them, add transitions from one passage to another. Have you remembered something catchy? Write it! Maybe you have encountered some funny ideas? Include them as well. You can make as many modifications to the initial structure as you need.

Finished Writing? – Proofread it!

Proofreading is one of the most important stages of your writing work. Are you surprised? Yes, many students just ignore it, and then, they are upset with a bad score, even though their grades could be perfect if they had done proofreading. Use a spell-check. You may find major issues. Then, check each word manually. So, errors are fixed now.

The next stage is the proofreading of the structure and style – everything that makes your essay easy-to-perceive. Why not read the paper aloud? This will help you to see if there are any parts that you wanted to write but forgot. Or if there are any transitions that sound rough. You definitely will discover much more when you are reading it aloud.

Ask Somebody to Check Your Paper

Ok, if not to check, then at least to read it. Are there any comments? Maybe some parts need rewriting, as someone didn’t understand them? Do not be lazy and make all the improvements that are needed. Now, your essay is ready.