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5 Warning Signs about a Moving Company!

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“Want to know about the warning signs when it comes to choosing movers and packers Ohio? If yes, then read this article”.

Relocations aren’t that easy. Apart from dealing with emotional stress, you have to undergo physical exhaustion as well. Figuring everything out on your own can be very daunting. And yes, there are other things to take care of as well such as visiting the bank, planning the interior of the new flat, etc.

This is the reason why hiring a moving company Cleveland makes sense. It is, in fact, a great decision to save yourself from headaches and panic attacks. They will take care of everything. They will provide door to door services so that you don’t have to worry about hiring transportation on your own. You will be sparing yourself from a huge horror if you give the entire responsibility to experts.

However, you have to understand that not all companies out there are worth hiring. While some do not have excellent auto transport services; others can simply flee with your goods. Moving scams are nothing new and I am sure you have read about them in the newspaper or on the internet. However, if you do not want to be a victim of the same, here are a few tips for you. Check out these warning signs and you will surely come across a good, reliable and reputed moving company.

Not a certified company

Firstly, you must always look out for a company that is insured or certified. And yes, do not believe their words. Instead, ask them to show you proof of the same. Generally, these kinds of information are given on the website. But f you do not find them on the site, do not shy away from asking questions. If you get vague or inappropriate answers, run away from the company. This is a huge mistake that most people regret later.

Moving reviews are not reliable

Secondly, many people think that checking reviews are not that important. But trust me, it is. You must check Google reviews or reviews on Yelp to ensure that the company is worth hiring. If you see that all the reviews are positive, then be sure that they are all paid reviews. Look out for authentic reviews and if you see that there are multiple complaints, this is yet another red signal for you.

Vague answers about their charges

If the moving company you have chosen is not giving the breakup of their fees, then that means that they are hiding something. They would probably come up with a huge bill later on. It is always advisable to hire companies that are upfront about their total charges. This way, you will also be able to prepare a budget and stick to it.

Very low estimates

Fraudulent companies often trick people by providing extremely low estimates. As people, we are greedy and often look out for discounts and rebates. However, when the quote is unrealistic, think twice! Are you getting into a trap? I think you are. Check the company’s credibility, ratings, etc rather than just relying on the estimates.


If the long distance moving company you have chosen shows signs of unprofessionalism, such as being irresponsive or not turning up on time, then do not commit the mistake of hiring them. They can turn the move into a mess! Look out for their office address, business mail, etc so that you have a clear idea of the company. Even if you have come across a company through reference, then also you must conduct your own research. Make sure that your products are in the right hands.

So look out for these signs when you are searching for a company. Thank me later!

Author Bio: Julia is a blogger on auto transport services and long distance moving. To know about moving company Cleveland, read her articles and blogs.