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5 Significant Tips to Prevent Oral Cancer

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Most of us are more focused on banishing bad breath or getting rid of cavities when it comes to oral health. But in the meantime, the more serious problem of oral cancer often gets overlooked.

Oral cancer is a type of neck or head cancer that can have grave consequences including death or permanent injury. Cancers of the oral cavity that often come up in the oropharynx like the tonsils, soft palate, or throat or in the tongues, cheeks and lips can emerge in a variety of ways and may not be very easy to spot.

The symptoms of cancer also vary from person to person and not all patients have irritation or pain. At times the pain may not be even noticeable in the initial stages. It is for this reason that oral cancer often reaches to the advanced stages without being noticed.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Usually here are some of the common oral cancer symptoms that you should be careful of. Just read on.

  • Bleeding in the mouth that continues for more than seven days

  • Sores in the mouth that don’t heal

  • Pain in the mouth that can last for more than a couple of weeks

  • Lumps growing slowly in the mouth or the neck

  • Consistent aches in both ears

  • In case of smokers, dramatic change of voice

  • A numb feeling in the lower chin and lip

In case of cancer, the faster you identify the symptoms, the better the chance of treatment and recovery.

Preventive Measures

But the good news is that cancers are treatable even at the later stage and the success rates have been surprisingly high. With the good lifestyle choices and proper care, oral cancer can be prevented.

Here are some of the ways in which you can prevent oral cancer. Just read on.

  • Maintain a Great Oral Care Regimen -Maintaining a good oral care regime is absolutely necessary for preventing cancer. You can decrease the risk of oral ailments and infections by keeping your mouth clean. That is why regular brushing for a couple of minutes, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash are absolutely necessary and should not be skipped.

  • Stay Away from Tobacco -The longer that you have tobacco exposure the greater the risk you have for the head and neck cancers. Both the smokeless and smoking tobacco have an equal role in triggering cancer. Gray white colored ulcers that are known as leukoplakia can be formed in the mouth because of smokeless, chewing and snuff tobaccos. These can become cancerous. In fact, a gene that protects the body from cancer is also destroyed by smokeless tobacco.

  • Go for Cancer Fighting Diets – The effect of nutrition or diet on cancer prevention can be huge. It is recommended that you have lots of berries, beans, vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, flaxseed, dark green leafy vegetables, grapes, garlic, tomatoes, soy for their role in cancer prevention.

  • Limit the Alcohol Consumption – Although the cancerous properties of alcohol are not completely understood, but it has been linked to a variety of cancers. That is why if you love to have alcohol you should have it only in moderation. Beer and hard liquor especially seem to enhance the risk of cancer.

  • See the Dentist on a Regular Basis – The potential cancerous growths are most often first noticed by the dentist, dental hygienist or the cosmetic dentist in Delhi. They can accordingly refer you to a nose, ear or throat specialist or even a neck and head specialist. If the diagnosis is confirmed the treatment can be started right away and there is a high chance that the cancer gets cured.

The above are some of the essential tips that you should keep in mind in order to prevent oral cancer. >