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5 Benefits that you can enjoy with MULTI TOUCH VIDEO WALL

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What makes your eyes shift towards it, hoardings and posters or videos playing on walls? Your answer will obviously be the latter one. Whenever you visit a shopping complex or a mall and find a multi touch video wall around used for advertising the products and all, it will surely catch your attention. You will at least take a second to look at them and see the videos being played. It can be said without any doubt that this is the best way of advertising and publicizing a product or an event. As the technology has ruled the world and has made it more digitalized, the use of printed posters and the bulky cathode ray tubes (CRTs) has increased. For conveying the messages and advertising their products, companies use these digital displays that help them in their promotion.


Imagine yourself moving around for shopping in an area, which shop will attract you more towards it or which will be the first shop that you enter? It will obviously be the one whose details can be seen on big LCD walls. The videos messages put more effect on the customers and help the companies to gain higher profit. By getting a video wall installed outside or inside your business center, you can get a huge competitive advantage over all your competitors. Investing in a video wall for making people understand your prospect can be the most beneficial use of capital in the field of business. This helps a lot in improving your sale as well as making customers. The technology used behind it is very powerful and complex. It spreads the branding information to all the customers, visitors and public. Check Lucky Patcher Apk for more details

Places where video walls are used:

  1. It creates a great ambience of your business where the customers find the services to be attractive as it puts a positive impact on them. The best way in which it can be used for enhancing your business is that it can be used to show multiple images on a single screen. You can share a lot of information now using a video wall as one screen is divided into parts where different video or image is being shown in a single section. It acts as the best method to spread information in the catchiest way.
  2. It is a source of showing live shows and media streaming. If it’s a world cup match or a Wimbledon tennis cup series, not every sports fan is fortunate enough to get a seat inside and watch the live and interesting matches. So, the live matches are shown on large video walls outside so that the fans do not have to go back taking their sad faces. They can sit outside and enjoy the whole match.
  3. Display of data on the large video walls at airports and metro stations is the best way to show information related to the upcoming or delayed flights and trains. The flight times and even their status results are easy to spot by so many people at the same time. Video walls are a great source of sharing information with a large no of people as it can even be seen from a distance.
  4. The video walls seem to be more interactive than the other forms of advertisement such as posters or hoarding because the high quality display of the LCDs attract more people towards it and also it is a known fact that images attract more than words. It even does the work of a service representative that explains all the purposes and quality of your product. Not only this, but a video wall is an effective way of communication that can easily pass your message in a better way such that the receiver understands in a good way.
  5. The large video walls with high quality display and reliable performance are also used for monitoring a large amount of data in Network Operation Centers. All that it needs is resolution clarity and flexible operations.

5 Qualities of a good Video Wall:

  1. Easy to maintain- The maintenance of the video walls need to be very easy as every user cannot afford the high maintenance.
  2. Installing and operating these walls should not be a very difficult task so that the users can learn a bit and then can operate it on their own to fulfill their own needs.
  3. Precise and Accurate colors are an essential need for a video wall. The colors should look natural and need to be vivid and true for a greater display.
  4. It should have the right size that so that it remains visible even from a larger Not only should this be achievable but the video wall should also have the capability to configure itself in many ways depending upon the wall.
  5. Its graduation and expansion should not be tough as with time, your needs will surely expand, and so the up gradation of its features will become necessary.

The video walls are providing a huge profit to the businesses these days. They are one-time investment whose profit will never ever last. You can easily get the information of various companies online and can directly buy the whole video walls solutions from them at the most reasonable prices!