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4 Reasons Why Employees Think Working Remotely is more Convenient

Especially with the rise of new work technology and apps, remote work and spaces for such work is becoming increasing popular. You may start thinking about adapting this type of work program for your business. Should you? The answer is absolutely yes. While there are many logical doubts about such a program, the big benefit of this is employee satisfaction which means they become loyal to you. In order to understand how this happens and how it is beneficial to you, then you must understand how convenient this work program is for them and how it affects their work ethic.


While many employers have fears that a remote worker will be more prone to slacking off, the exact opposite actually happens. This is because they do not have the distractions of in-office work which include coworkers that are too chatty, noisy environments, and unnecessary meetings and interactions. Without these they can be more productive than in-office workers since they are only surrounded by their family at home or strangers in a coffee shop.

This is backed up by actual data which include the following:

  1. A study in Stanford showed that call center employees that work from home are 13% more productive.
  2. Best Buy employees that have a flexible work program are 35% more productive
  3. A study in 2015 showed that 77 percent of employees are more productive when working off-site.

No Commute

Have you ever encountered an applicant or employee that said the he loves to commute? Chances of this are really low especially in the Philippines where the public transportation system is inefficient and uncomfortable. By working remotely, workers can cut to their travel time to absolutely zero if they choose to work at home or the space of their preference. This means they will have more energy and time to do the actual work. Those who need to go through a grueling commute will burnout faster during the day which leads them to dread waking up the next day and doing it again. Eventually this will lead them to be burned out from the overall job and quit.

Good Health

In relation to the previous point, with less time spent on commutes, the more time employees have for themselves. This means that they can take care of themselves by eating healthy home cooked food and working out. If the workforce is healthy, then they can work at their best and fewer sick days.

Happiness and Loyalty

With a flexible work schedule, you can give your employees the opportunity to be able to achieve the perfect professional and personal balance in their lives. When employees get this work-life balance, one interesting and monumental thing happens: they become happy and grateful to you. This will manifest itself in the form of loyalty; meaning they will stay with you for the long term. When this happens, turnovers will also significantly decrease which could save you and your business a lot of costs as well. Also, a happy staff is a productive one, Think of it as a give and take. If you make sure they are happy with you, then you will be happy with them.

Key Takeaway

Basically, remote work is beneficial to both employer and employee because of the loyalty and productivity that the workers gain from it. This work program will build a workforce for your company that works to your expectations that stays for a long time.


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