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4 Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Walking Canes

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“To get a few tips on maintaining wooden walking sticks, kindly read this blog without any delay. Find some useful tips here”.

If you own a beautiful wooden cane with a luxurious handle, then I must say that you have made a great investment. Anyone with mobility issues should consider investing in a high-duty walking cane that also looks stylish and elegant. Never settle for cheap ones which are unsafe and also deteriorate your overall look.

But yes, designer walking sticks need to be maintained as well. You must take some time and ensure to clean it once in a while so that its durability is not hampered. This would also ensure that your walking stick continues to shine like a brand new one!

Do not have any idea about the cleaning routine? Do not worry as here; I am going to talk about this as well. To know more about this, kindly keep reading this blog.

Regular cleaning

If you use it regularly for going out, then make sure you treat it right on a daily basis. Wood is a special material, which is sturdy enough to serve you for years but you need to take care of the same to get such longevity and results. Treat it well and you will be stunned by the performance. Clean all the debris it collects from exposure to the outdoors.

Use a plain dry cloth to buff away the dirt from the cane after you are done using it for the day. This should be done regularly. But if you do not use it often, then once to twice a week will do.

Apply a little polish

If the handmade canes have aged a year or so, then it is high time to get it polished by a professional. If you want to do it on your own, make sure you invest in a high-quality polish, which would help to eradicatedust fragments, and would instantly give it a fresh and new look. The polish should contain natural ingredients like orange oil that is very good for wood.

Thoroughly inspect

If you notice any damage while cleaning it, then closely inspect it. There could be dents, marks, scratches, etc. If you fail to understand what kind of damage it has faced, it is always better to seek help from an expert.

If the damage is severe, you might need to replace a part such as the rubber base. In this case, you must contact the shop from where you have bought the stick and ask them for suggestions.

Things to avoid

For maximum durability of your Walking cane, you must avoid using harsh and harmful chemicals on it. This is just like avoiding chemical agents on wooden floors and furniture. These chemicals might actually alter the look and feel of your stick. Always stay away from detergents and stick to polishes that are specially made for wooden canes. You can also use a damp piece of cloth to clean it.

You should also consider taking it to a professional at least once a year even if you don’t notice any kind of marks or dents. This scrutiny is important because a professional might be able to spot damage better than you. If your stick has a bronze or silver handle, then the shop from where you have purchased it should have given you cleaning guidelines. Strictly follow them and do not apply any kind of chemicals on to it.

These are the four maintenance tips for your stick. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog.

To know more about canes such as custom sword cane, lion cane, elephant cane, etc, you need to read my next blog. And in the meantime, if you have any inquiries, then you can write me and I would be happy to help. Thank me later!

Author Bio: John is a specialist in designing Walking sticks and is a blogger on walking canes. To know how to clean walking canes, read this blog. He also writes about sword canes and the lion cane in his blogs.