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4 Kinds of Bridal Boudoir Shoot Idea for the Would-be Brides!

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Bridal boudoir shoots are extremely popular these days. Would-be brides love the concept and want to feel confident just before the big day! They also like to surprise their groom with these sizzling photographs, which has a chance of steaming things up in the bedroom. However, if you still think boudoir shoots are all about sexy poses, baring bodies, and lacy lingerie, then you are wrong. Sultry and seductive mean different things to different people. Now the concepts have evolved with time. With the right studio and the right photographer, you can go for various kinds of themes and ideas.

Want to get a cue? Then, keep reading!

The 80’s – Do you like the golden era? The big hair and high-waisted thongs? Such high drama, right? However, make sure that your Boston Boudoir Photographer agrees to the theme. Use satin sheets, a rose stuck between your teeth, and other cheesy stuff! Your would-be will absolutely love it as well! You can also add vintage props such as you’re a rotary phone, vanity box, books, old clocks, etc. to make the shoot even more exciting.

The Outdoors – While most people go for indoor shoots, why not take all the sensuality outdoors this time? Think of yourself posing, just right there in the middle of a field. Bohemian and country-inspired themes, unconventional props, boots, flower crowns, etc. are what make these shoots complete and beautiful. Make sure you are bold enough to do this shoot and also have the budget as these shoots are more expensive! Your Chicago Boudoir Photographer must agree to this theme as well and must also have the right arrangements for the same.

Black and White – Black and white speaks volume, they are classy, sophisticated and just beautiful. There is something so subtle yet magnificent about them. So, why not opt for a classic black and white boudoir shoot? Using some natural light, a little bit of peek-a-boo of skin from your lingerie, etc. can create classic shots. If you like elegance and classy, then go for this one without any further thoughts.

Conceptual – Not ready to pose in front of the camera and that too, scantily clad? How about some conceptual photography! Maybe, just your collarbones in one, and in another one, your legs draped over a beautiful and vintage chaise lounge. Lay your wedding lingerie across the bed and ask the Austin Boudoir Photographer to get a shot of it as well. Trust me, it will really work!

So, these were a few out-of-the-box wedding boudoir shoot ideas for you. I hope that you will pick one of them if you do not want to do the conventional boudoir shoot. Just make sure that you trust your photographer. Hire someone through reference, so that you are more comfortable. Go through his or her prior work as a part of your research and to prep yourself up. If you like a picture on the internet, then take a screenshot immediately and show it to your photographer. You can also tell them about the ideas that you are not comfortable with. Go for a light spray tan if you want it apart from the facials, manicures and pedicures. And most importantly, pay attention to feeling good and bringing out that natural glow!