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3 Must-Haves When Opening a Restaurant

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If you have decided to start a restaurant business, that is a great decision. You will soon be an employer of chefs and waiters. You will be an essential cog in the country because you will be creating jobs. However, do not let that rosy picture of being an employer prevent you from being realistic.

You will unmistakably require these three things to succeed in the business. That is on top of the fact that you will need a few more hours than usual to operate your restaurant at first.

A Great Menu

There are other restaurants out there—600,000+ to be precise. The location of choice has another restaurant. If it does not have, it will probably have one soon once you exploit the potential to good effect. You will need to capture your clients with a concept that is hard to replicate. It doesn’t have to be a designer menu—though it definitely helps—it can be a concept service that will make people want to try.

You have to think hard and long about this. Quick market research can help. The holy grail of business ideas nowadays lies in review sites such as Michelin. Customers will lament about something. If you find something that interests 1000 people within a particular location, you have your aha moment.

A No-Nonsense Business Plan

Every menu concept requires a business sense. The very nature of a business plan is to force you to answer the hard questions. You want to offer the best dining experience in a specific location. How do you go about it? How much money do you need? Where will you get the money? Where will you set up the restaurant? What color will you use as your theme? Where will you get the tools and equipment required?

You certainly cannot exhaust the list of questions that you will require to answer. In a nutshell, you will want to know what you will offer, how will you deliver it, and when you will offer it. You will have to evaluate your business cash flow, interrogate your HR needs, marketing, branding, customer service and experience, and profitability.


It is the ultimate guide to what you will call a restaurant business. Without all the essential steps, you will have trouble convincing investors and partners. Without a business plan, you are better off not starting. The chances are that you will undoubtedly fail. That will be sad because people will lose jobs.

Compliance with Important Regulations

It should come first and not last on this list. You cannot start a restaurant without meeting all regulatory and compliance standards. When it comes to food safety, you must comply. If your restaurant serves any alcoholic beverages, you will need a liquor license. You can check an alcohol awareness course online to furnish yourself with what is required of restaurant owners.

Even though you can find information through an alcohol awareness course online, you can also visit local business authorities such as the SBA for guidance.

You cannot automate, outsource, or substitute these three things. You must have them before you open your doors. Everything else will come to support the foundation you have laid out using the three.